10 Tiny House Kits Starting at $2,900

Build your own home or studio with one of these tiny house kits. Small kits of 100 square feet or less are often under $5,000. Larger kits with higher-end finishes can cost as much as $60,000. No matter your size needs or aesthetic preferences, we’ve found a tiny home kit you can enjoy.

Tiny House Kits with Pricing

What Does a Tiny Home Kit Include?

A tiny home kit may include a prefabricated house shipped to the site, the frame only, the shell (exterior materials) only, or interior and exterior materials. There is no streamlined material list for tiny home kits. Before investing, speak to the company to understand what will come in your kit and the extra expenses you’ll need to incur.

Tiny House Kits with Pricing

  • Arched Cabin Kits – $2,900
  • All Wood Mayflower $8,795
  • Glen Echo Kits $9,306
  • The Smith Haven – $11,370
  • All Wood Bonaire $13,785
  • Autonomous Studio Pod – $18,000 
  • Xylia Four Season Kit $26,336
  • Rose Cottage 2 $32,000 
  • Avrame Solo+ 75 – $33,550 
  • Kithaus K3.12 $60,000

1. Arched Cabin Kits – $2,900

Arched Cabin Kits - $2,900

Arched cabins are a budget-friendly tiny home solution, with the smallest 64-square-foot cabins starting at only $1,400 and the 164-square-foot cabins starting at only $2,900. These tiny homes come in many sizes and ceiling heights. The most spacious option is 960 square feet and 18’8″ tall.

The arched cabin kits include a ridge beam, ribs, floor plates, insulation, ridge caps, foam inserts, and metal roof paneling. The roof color is customizable for an additional fee and has a 40-year warranty. You’ll be responsible for purchasing the end caps, foundations, and all interior finishes.

2. All Wood Mayflower $8,795

All Wood Mayflower $8,795

The All Wood Mayflower is a 117-square-foot tiny home on decorative wheels. There are no interior finishes, so you can layout and design the inside however you’d like.

According to the manufacturer, two adults can assemble this kit in three days. It comes with studs, siding, wheels, roof arches, floorboards, and ceiling boards. It doesn’t come with roof shingles, so you must buy them separately.

3. Glen Echo Kits $9,306

Glen Echo Kits $9,306

The Glen Echo is a charming prefab cabin kit featuring a roof overhang, ideal for a front porch. You can purchase the kit pre-cut or pre-assembled, and it’s available in many sizes. The pre-cut kits are less expensive, with the 25-square-foot cabin starting at only $3,306. The larger 104-square-foot pre-assembled model is more suitable for a tiny home and is priced well at $9,306. If you prefer more space, these cabins go up to 630 sq ft.

Summer Wood provides a basic and upgraded material list. Basic kits include everything necessary for the floors, exterior walls (including siding), and roofing frame. There are many upgrades, though, and this company will work with you to customize the cabin to your liking.

4.The Smith Haven – $11,370

The Smith Haven - $11,370

The Smith Haven is a wood-sided cottage available in six sizes ranging from 10′ x 16′ to 12′ x 24′. It features an asymmetrical roof with a dormer and transom window.

You can get this prefab tiny house in one of three packages: shell only, three seasons, or four seasons. The Four Seasons kit includes insulation, shiplap pine wall and ceiling, double-pane windows, and an insulated door. You’ll need to purchase and install the rest of the interior finishes.

5. All Wood Bonaire $13,785

All Wood Bonaire $13,785

The All Wood Bonaire is a modern tiny home with 233 square feet of floor area. It features two doors and three windows, allowing plenty of natural light. It doesn’t come with interior finishes, so you can customize it to your style.

The Bonaire kit includes all materials except for the foundation and roofing shingles. There are optional upgrades like an extra interior room to use as a bathroom, termite-resistant wood, and a Bartini bar.

6. Autonomous Studio Pod – $18,000

Autonomous Studio Pod - $18,000

The Autonomous Studio Pod is a modern-style small home, studio, or office boasting 105 square feet. It features vinyl siding and has everything you need to hook it up to electricity and climate control. It has one residential current breaker, five wall outlets, one ceiling light switch, four ceiling lights, two ethernet ports, and a ventilator with a ventilator switch.

The Studio Pod comes with everything you need, including roofing material and siding. You can upgrade to the furniture included package, which will get you built-in shelves, a desk, a couch, and a foldable sofa table.

7. Xylia Four Season Kit $26,336

Xylia Four Season Kit $26,336

The Xylia is a 12’ x 24’ cottage-style tiny home with a wood-sided exterior and metal roof. With 288 square feet, it’s large enough to house a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a living room/bedroom combo.

The pre-cut kit has a floor system, wall system, siding, doors, windows, and roof system. You can customize these materials from a list of optional upgrades. The kit also includes building instructions.

8. Rose Cottage 2 $32,000

Rose Cottage 2 $32,000

The Home Depot sells a limited number of tiny home kits, including the Rose Cottage 2. The home boasts two stories and a total of 443 square feet – enough space for two bedrooms.

The biggest con to this kit is that it only comes with steel framing. You’ll need to purchase siding, insulation, roofing material, and all interior finishes. There is an upgrade option for the deck and flooring system. 

9. Avrame Solo+ 75 – $33,550

Avrame Solo+ 75 - $33,550

The Avrame Solo+ 75 is a tiny A-frame home with 365 square feet. The floor plan provides space for a bathroom, kitchen, and living room on the first floor. The second-floor loft can house two beds.

You can purchase the structural, exterior, or interior kit. The price we quoted is for all three and comes with the framework, all exterior finishes, and interior finishes such as stairs, ladders, doors, and painted interior cladding.

10. Kithaus K3.12 $60,000

Kithaus K3.12 $60,000

The most expensive model on our tiny home list is the Kithaus K3.12. It measures 13’ x 13’ and includes a kitchenette and bathroom. The sleek square design is perfect for those who enjoy a clean, modern style.

The prices of the Kithaus homes are higher since they come with interior and exterior finishes. Some of these finishes include all bathroom fixtures, pre-wired electrical and light fixtures, interior walls, and hardwood floors. Try one of these models if you have no interest in DIYing the interior of your home.