10 Pod Homes You Can Buy Right Now

Pods are small factory-built homes that come in one compact unit or in panels that a builder assembles on-site. They have many uses, including guest houses, full-time homes, pool houses, and offices. 

10 Pod Homes You Can Buy Right Now

Depending on your needs, pods come in various sizes, from compact units that sleep one person to larger models that can house a family of four. Some include all interior finishes, while others come as a basic shell. We’ve compiled a list of ten pod homes available for purchase that you can convert into a new residence.

10 Pods for Homes Available for Purchase

  • Autonomous WorkPod – $16,900
  • Tiny House Pod – $19,900
  • Massimo Rover W – $34,999
  • Expandable Pod Dwelling – $35,500
  • Cleveland Container Home – $43,166
  • Grande S1 – $85,000
  • Voyager – $99,900
  • The Porter – $141,041
  • Dwell – $145,550
  • 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Pod – $533,000

1. Autonomous WorkPod – $16,900

Autonomous WorkPod - $16,900

The Autonomous WorkPod is a 98 sq ft pod featuring a full window wall and vinyl siding. It comes pre-wired with outlets and lighting – all you need to do is plug it in. You can opt for a furniture package with a desk, chair, and shelves or purchase it without furniture.

Since this home pod is less than 100 sq ft, it’s ideal as a sleeping space, office, or workout room. It doesn’t provide enough square footage for a bathroom or kitchen, so it must be close to a main home with those amenities.

2. Tiny House Pod – $19,900

Tiny House Pod - $19,900

At only 190 square feet, this tiny Ebay listing packs in full functionality. It features a bathroom with a shower, a place for a bed, and a small kitchen area. The pod’s exterior is thermally treated pine to protect against fungi and rot.

A con to this home is that it’s a kit house rather than a prebuilt version – you’ll need to assemble it on-site. It doesn’t come with electrical or plumbing, so you must add that after assembly. 

3. Massimo Rover W – $34,999

Massimo Rover W - $34,999

The Massimo Rover W is a pod tiny home equipped with the latest technology. It’s about 147 square feet and features one bedroom and one bathroom. It has interior finishes including a full bathroom, smart door lock, hot water heater, pre-wired electric, A/C, and under-the-floor heating.

This pod is ideal for a guest house or a tiny home as long as you have access to a kitchen or outdoor cooking area. 

4. Expandable Pod Dwelling – $35,500

Expandable Pod Dwelling - $35,500

The Expandable Pod Dwelling is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom pod with a kitchen. It’s an inexpensive model for the amount of space it contains. It has electrical wiring and plumbing that you’ll need an electrician to hook up after pod installation.

There are some customization options for this pod, including choosing different windows and doors. You can customize the layout, making this a one or two-bedroom home.

5. Cleveland Container Home – $43,166

Cleveland Container Home - $43,166

The Cleveland Model is a container-style pod home. It’s about 160 square feet and features a bathroom and a bedroom/living combo. In this model, you can also fit a small kitchen with a sink and two-burner stovetop.

The builder, Bob’s Containers, offers customization options, which include adding a rooftop deck, upgrading the interior wall finishes, adding ceiling beams, lighting upgrades, and more. They can ship these pod homes worldwide, although the location will affect shipping costs.

6. Grande S1 – $85,000

Grande S1 - $85,000

The Grande S1 is a luxury pod home on wheels. You can transport it and set it up just as you would a camper. It has a bedroom with a foldable Murphy bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a built-in desk. 

The interior finishes are sleek and modern with high-quality materials. The Grande S1 is waterproof, windproof, and fireproof, making it safe to take anywhere.

7. Voyager – $99,900

Voyager - $99,900

The Voyager is a 407-square-foot pod home that fits a four-person family. It features a futuristic pod-like exterior and many upgrades on the interior. The Voyager is a smart home with a smart door lock, smart lighting, AC, automatic curtains, and under-the-floor heating.

The manufacturer ships this factory-built home to the site, where they install it in two hours. Massimo, the manufacturer, estimates that these pods have over 70 years of service life. 

8. The Porter – $141,041

The Porter - $141,041

The Porter is a luxury container pod boasting 320 square feet. The floor plan features one bedroom, one bathroom, and an open-concept kitchen/living/dining room. It includes a rooftop deck for plenty of outdoor space.

The home interior includes framing and walls, insulation, flooring, lighting, a bathroom, a kitchenette, and more. It also includes a hammock and cowboy hot tub on the rooftop deck.

9. Dwell – $145,550

Dwell - $145,550

The Dwell is a module pod with pull-out sections and a fold-down deck, expanding to almost twice its original size. The interior includes a small kitchen, full bathroom, and bedroom. You can hook the Dwell up to regular utilities or purchase the additional pillow tank for rainwater storage.

The Dwell is portable, so you can move it to your favorite campground or tiny house community. It has all interior finishes, including a quartz kitchen countertop, remote-controlled blinds, and double-hung windows.

10. 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Pod – $533,000

2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Pod - $533,000

The Hygge Supply creates many high-end pod homes with 1-2 bedrooms. The two-bed, two-bath B model contains a full kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace, and stackable washer and dryer. It features high-end finishes like wood floors, custom cabinetry, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

You can contact the manufacturer for customizations to your pod home. Aside from the cost, the most significant disadvantage to these pod homes is that they come in a kit, and you’ll need a traditional builder to assemble them.