13 Cool Pieces of Furniture with Hidden Compartments

Secret compartment furniture can safeguard your valuables in a not-so-obvious way. We’ve found 13 different types of hidden compartment furniture that accommodate large and small items. Some of the pieces have locks, while others don’t. Either way, visitors will never know you’re hiding something in plain sight.

1. Wood End Table with Concealed Drawer

Wood End Table with Concealed Drawer

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Add this wooden end table to your living room to conceal your valuables. You can reach under the table top for a secret drawer that drops down and then out. The drawer has a felt lining, and the table has a walnut finish. You can also get a matching coffee table to complete the look.

2. Secret Compartment Flower Pot

Secret Compartment Flower Pot

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Hide away your spare keys, money, or other small valuables in this flower pot with hidden storage. The top part holds small plants and lifts away to reveal a secret compartment. You can use this indoors or outdoors, but add plants that do well in shallow dirt.

3. Wall Clock with Hidden Interior Shelves

Wall Clock with Hidden Interior Shelves

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Hang this wall clock for discreet storage of valuable goods or important papers. It looks and works like a standard wall clock but opens to reveal a set of shelves. The way you mount this will influence how much weight it can hold.

4. Ultra Thin Photo Frame Safe

Ultra Thin Photo Frame Safe

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Brighten your space with wall art that’s also a safe. At only 2.2″ deep, it will be hard for anyone to guess that this piece has hidden storage. The frame is solid metal, so you can use magnetic hangers inside.

5. Wall Shelf with Hidden Storage

Wall Shelf with Hidden Storage

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Wall shelves are practical pieces of furniture with hidden compartments that you can get in many sizes and colors. We found this one Amazon that features solid wood, is 14.4 inches wide, and has a slide-out, felt-lined drawer.

6. Wooden Hidden Compartment Chair

Wooden Hidden Compartment Chair

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These rustic wooden chairs come in two sizes – 21-inch seat height and 30-inch seat height. The seat locks and opens with a key fob, making it more secure than some secret compartment furniture on the list. The chair comes in 12 colors, and you can contact the seller if you need customizations.

7. Nightstand with Secret Storage

Nightstand with Secret Storage

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Hide away anything you want in this modern farmhouse-style nightstand. It features a hidden compartment at the top accessible via a keycard. You won’t have to worry about anyone accidentally finding your valuables unless they also find the key.

8. Electrical Outlet Wall Safe

Electrical Outlet Wall Safe

Store your extra cash or jewelry in a small safe that looks like an electrical outlet. You can recess the box in the wall as you would a regular receptacle box, but don’t hook up the electricity this time. The front cover attaches via magnets.

9. Bookshelves with Hidden Doors and Compartments

Bookshelves with Hidden Doors and Compartments

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Bookshelves are one of the best DIY furniture builds to add hidden storage compartments. You can find this massive bookcase on Etsy that comes with a secret door. If you want something prebuilt, there are small bookcases on Amazon with hidden drawers.

10. A Wall Mirror Safe

A Wall Mirror Safe

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Mirror safes come in many sizes and materials – this one is a wood safe that recesses into the wall and measures 58.5″ h x 18″ w x 4.5″ d. It comes with a lock that you can open two ways – with a key card or through an app. The lock runs on AAA batteries and will notify you when it’s time to switch them.

11. Secret Compartment Lamp

Secret Compartment Lamp

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Lamps aren’t an ordinary piece of hidden storage furniture, making them harder to detect. This secret compartment lamp features a wood and metal design and opens with your fingerprints. You can add up to four fingerprints through the scanner, allowing you to give your partner access to the storage area as well.

12. Book Art with a Locked Compartment

Book Art with a Locked Compartment

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Use this book art as decor, or stash it on your shelf. It features a combination lock with the inside compartment measuring 10″ x 6.7″ x 2.35″. It comes in eight other designs that have key or combination locks.

13. Small Bookcase with Hidden Drawer

Small Bookcase with Hidden Drawer

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Organize your room and conceal your valuables with this hidden storage bookcase. It has a slide-out felt-lined drawer on the bottom and a hidden magnetic latch. It features solid wood construction, and the white-painted pine shelf matches most decor styles.