15 Wall-Mounted Desk Designs For DIY Enthusiasts

There are lots of ways in which you can save space in any of the rooms in your home. For example, in your home office, a wall-mounted desk instead of a regular one would work great.

Wall-Mounted Desk

In fact, you don’t even need a separate room. You can just put the desk in the living room or even in the bedroom. And the best part is that you can make such a desk yourself. Of course, you can also buy one if you don’t want to go through all the trouble of making it.

How to Choose a New Wall-Mounted Desk

Before we go any further, it’s important to discuss the key considerations before building or buying a new wall-mounted desk. Firstly, you’ll need to think about the amount of space you have available to you in your home.

One of the great benefits of wall-mounted desks is that they require minimal space, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need any space at all for the desk to stick out from the wall. If you are lucky enough to have a small corner in a room of your home that needs filling, consider finding a desk that will fit into this unused space. You can also find wall-mounted desks that fold away when they aren’t in use, which is ideal for anyone who is short of space.

From there, it’s all about choosing the right design and material for your desk. Most desks are made from wood, but you’ll also find other materials on offer. MDF is a strong material for desks and has a smooth surface that you can paint to match your home décor.

There are some metal wall-mounted desks on offer also if you are looking to create a more industrial style. The height of your desk is another consideration when choosing the design, as you should always be aiming to keep a healthy posture when working. Don’t choose a desk that’s too low that you’ll hunch over, but also avoid a desk that’s too high and will strain your neck and wrists.

Finally, consider whether your new wall-mounted desk needs to have any storage. You can either look for desks with storage that’s included in the design or one that has space to add storage underneath or shelves above it. If you are working from home, you’ll want to ensure you have somewhere to hide your papers and accessories when they aren’t in use. As working in a cluttered environment isn’t good for your mind and concentration.

Different Types of Wall-Mounted Desks

Just as you would find with traditional desks, wall-mounted desks come in a wide variety of designs. The main options are permanent desks vs. foldaway desks, and both have their benefits.

Foldaway desks are ideal for small apartments, as you’ll be able to push the desk into the wall when your working day is done. However, permanent desks are a little sturdier, and you won’t have to spend any time preparing your desk setup for the day.

You’ll find some floating desks have very little support underneath the table, creating a minimalist look that will appeal to any homeowner.

Deciding whether you are happy to have legs on your desk or not is one of the key considerations when using a wall-mounted desk, and it’s entirely up to you which option you would prefer for your home.

Transform Your Home Office With These DIY Desk Projects

1. A Wall-Mounted Desk Made from Wood and Aluminum Pipes

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

We’re going to start with a simple project: a wall-mounted desk made from a piece of wood for the desktop and some aluminum pipes. The angled supports were attached to the desktop and they give it a chic industrial look. The aluminum trim emphasizes the style. {found on simplifiedbuilding}.

2. A Simple Wall-Mounted Desk Which Hides Your Cords

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

You might wonder where all the cables go when you have such a simple wall-mounted desk. The solution can be very simple. This very practical desk has a board that hides the external HDDs and all the cords.

3. Add Shelving to Your DIY Wooden Pallet Wall-Mounted Desk

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

Another possible problem can be the lack of storage space. But there’s a simple solution in this case too. If you can’t store things under the desktop, how about some shelves in front of your desk? You can easily make a great wall-mounted desk from a wooden pallet. {found on thistlewoodfarms}.

4. A Modern Desk That Will Save You Space in Your Home or Apartment

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

If you prefer a simpler and more modern design, you could make a desk that looks like this. This one has practical storage space for files or for the laptop, it’s small and space-saving and it can easily fit in any room of the house. {found on designsponge}.

5. A Basic iMac Desk with a Minimalist Look

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

This is an iMac desk with a simple design to match the minimalist computer. A wall cabinet is used as a computer stand and a shelf was placed underneath for the keyboard and mouse. All the cables, hard drives, and other things are hidden in the storage compartment. {found on ikeahackers}.

6. A Floating Desk Made from Two Counters

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

Here’s another good-looking desk you could make yourself. It’s a floating desk made from two counter tops. It has compartments where you can store the hard drive and other gadgets and a pull-out shelf for the keyboard. If you need extra storage, install a shelf above the desk. {found on ikeahackers}.

7. A White Wall-Mounted Desk for a Modern Home

A White Wall-Mounted Desk for a Modern Home

Cut The Wood shows us how to create this basic wall-mounted desk that would look great in any modern home. You’ll need very few supplies to get started with this project, making it ideal for a beginner or intermediate DIYer. You can purchase all of the materials that you’ll need for this desk at your local hardware shop, and they’ll be able to help you with any new tools you may need as well. Look for a high-quality wood polish for best results, and make sure the wood is cut to the same length as described in the instructions.

The materials are the most important aspect of this project and will ensure that you create a long-lasting desk that you’ll enjoy using for many years to come. While this project can certainly be completed on a budget, we recommend spending a little bit extra to create a desk that will be sturdy and hardwearing for everyday use.

8. A DIY Floating Wall-to-Wall Desk

A DIY Floating Wall-to-Wall Desk

If you have a small corner in a room in your home which is wide enough for your new desk, this wall-to-wall desk would be the perfect wall-mounted desk to fit this space. The Navage Patch takes you through every step of the process to create this wall-to-wall desk that won’t take up too much space in your home. It creates a modern and stylish design, which you could paint or decorate in any style to fit your home. You can even add additional shelves and storage above or underneath the desk to create a complete home office setup.

9. A Budget-Friendly Wall-Mounted Desk

A Budget-Friendly Wall-Mounted Desk

In the past year, many of us were forced to work from home suddenly. Very few of us wanted to spend a fortune on a new desk, which is why this budget-friendly wall-mounted desk is the perfect solution for any home-working setup. Jenna Sue Design Co. spent just $23 on this wall-mounted desk and shelf, and the project is very easy for anyone to have a go at. It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive materials and tools in order to redecorate your home. This is a basic but functional desk that has a rustic vibe, but of course, you could paint it any color to match your home décor. It is the perfect desk to add to your children’s bedrooms and can easily be painted or upgraded when needed in the future.

10. A Brown and White Wood Wall-Mounted Desk

A Brown and White Wood Wall-Mounted Desk

Our last DIY wall-mounted desk offers another simple design that would look great in almost any home. It combines brown and white materials for a classic design that doesn’t take up too much space. It uses two brackets and then adds an IKEA desktop on top for a modern wall-mounted desk that will be sturdy enough to hold your computer or laptop. You’ll find the desk to be wide enough to add anything you might need, such as storage and stationery, creating a great at-home work experience. Check out Do It Yourself With Rick for full details about this project and to get started creating your DIY wall-mounted desk.

Desks You Can Buy to Upgrade Your Home Office Setup

11. The Perfect Desk for Small Spaces

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

If you’d rather not through all the trouble of designing and making the desk yourself, you could just buy one. There are plenty of great designs to choose from. This one, for example, measures 58” L x 20” D x 15” H (face is 5” H) and it’s perfect for small spaces. This desk has no legs, and it features practical storage compartments underneath. Available for $720.

12. A Modern Office Desk with a Classic and Elegant Design

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

This modern office desk has a leaning design, it’s 43” wide, 16” deep, and 48” high and it’s made of fiberboard with a laminate black finish. It’s a writing desk with a classic and elegant look and you can find it on Amazon.

13. A Stylish Laptop Desk Which Hides Your Cables

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

EVO is a stylish laptop desk with concealed space for cables and an iPad mount that tilts and rotates 90 degrees. The iPad holder is removable and reversible. The desk also has practical shelves for storing documents, books, DVDs, and even the printer. Available for $135.

14. A Wall-Mounted Desk with a Futuristic Design

Ikea hack wall mounted desk

The next wall-mounted desk we’re going to show you today has a very interesting and futuristic design and it would fit perfectly in a contemporary space. It has a solid oak wood top and a lacquered stainless steel supporting structure. Its reduced dimensions and practical design make it perfect for minimalist interior decors. Available for €835.

15. A Hidden Floating Desk Cupboard

A Hidden Floating Desk Cupboard

One of the biggest concerns about adding any form of floating desk to your home is that it will still stick out and take up room in your home. Also, if you have small children or pets, you may be worried about them hitting themselves and getting hurt on your new desk. For that reason, we love this folding cupboard desk from Wayfair, which is mounted to your wall and can fold away when it’s not in use. You’ll barely notice it on your wall, thanks to its sleek and stylish design. This would be perfect for a smaller apartment or home where you are very short of space, as you can just fold it up once work is done and then set up your office again in seconds the next morning.

There are so many great options when it comes to adding a wall-mounted desk to your home. Even if you don’t have much space in your apartment or house, one of these options above will be small enough to fit your needs. You can either opt to DIY this project or purchase a ready-made wall-mounted desk, but either way, you’ll get the much-needed study and work space you need for your home. Whichever one of these desks you opt to add to your home this year, we hope it creates a great working environment that you’ll enjoy spending time at each day.