Accent Lighting Ideas To Make Your Living Spaces Look Cool

Accent lighting adds ambiance to a room. The lighting style has become a popular home décor feature. As a comfortable and practical light source, accent lights are functional and cool.

Accent Lighting

There are many different accent fixtures that can help your living space. However, choosing the right lights is daunting due to the varieties available. And this is where we can help.

We’ll show you the best accent lighting ideas available today. Whether you need extra light for your stairwell or reading nook, accent lights offer a cheap and stylish solution.

Accent Lighting Ideas For 2022

Here are some of the best accent lights and task lighting solutions available today. Regardless of your needs, you can find an accent lighting style for your living space. 

Ambient Light Source

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Floor lamps are for room corners and reading nooks. The 7000 Stelo lamp has a sleek and elegant design that invokes the classic styles of the 50s.

Featuring a Carrara marble base for support, the slender structure has a brass finish that offers an extra dose of big-city cool. The lamp is a subtle light source that doesn’t take over an entire room.

Office Accent Lighting

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Backlit mirrors is an example of outward appearance and functionality. This right here is the Mir mirror designed by Marco Acerbis in 2017. It features a large and  slender frame. You can get one or three, depending on your needs and wall space.

It as well as built-in backlighting which creates this beautiful outline on the wall. The frame doubles as a shelf and there’s also a small box attached to the surface of the mirror  which serves as a tiny storage module.

Vanity Accent Fixtures

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Sconces are a form of accent lighting. Also known as wall lamps, they’re versatile and can be used in interesting and stylish ways. The Waterfall sconce has an elegant and modern design.

The lights also look great as a standalone accent fixture or in pairs. It features a combination of gold plated brass and crystal glass tubes.

Art Deco Accent Lighting

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A lighting style is all about creating visual interest in a space. Although this example is a very large light fixture, it’s not meant to serve as a main light source. The light functions as an accent light.

The Brass 96 suspension lamp is from designer Paola Navone. It has a fluid and organic lampshade with an imperfect matt brass surface.

Modern Accent Lights

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Some accent lights are decorations that double as focal points for living spaces. A beautiful example is the Seed Cloud, a gorgeous installation with a sophisticated and glamorous design. It features a series of solid cast bronze buds each of which holds a glass drop with a built in LED light source.

Visual Interest Lighting

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Table lamps are perhaps the most common type of accent lights and they come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. The Anodine lamp stands out, featuring a unique design with a strong artistic vibe.

It has a rectangular, flat metal base with a satin matte gold finish. Attached to the base are 26 stems, each holding a metal leaf with a tiny light source underneath. Each leaf is unique and made by hand.

New Age Chandelier Accent Lighting

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Oddly enough, some chandeliers can serve as accent lights too. My Lamp is one of them. The chandelier consists of a collection of glass tubes tied in a bouquet and held together by a curved metal band.

The tubes are arranged in an offset pattern and they’re connected to an internal frame made of nickel-plated metal. The chandelier gives off diffuse light and stands out thanks to its sophisticated and modern design. 

Modern Art Accent Lighting

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The Melt series is an example of a sophisticated and intriguing design based on easy principles. The pendant light fixtures feature an organic look.

They’re quite abstract, reminiscent of melting glass spheres among other things. Each light makes a statement by itself. You can combine them to form a unique and artistic installation.

Unique Accent Lights

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The Chameleon Lamp is unique by any standards. It comes in three different versions, each featuring a chameleon striking a different pose and holding a light bulb with its tail.

There’s the still chameleon, the one going down and the one going up. They’re the perfect accent lights for modern spaces that thrive on unique and unconventional designs that look cool but also tell a story.

Thematic Accent Lights

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The Soffi collection includes a series of unique light fixtures which rely on the pure and ethereal beauty of blown glass. Several teardrop-shaped globes are hanging from a solid but also  thin and slender frame and the entire ensemble looks weightless and delicate.

The faded glass color, shapes, and materials give each fixture a sophisticated and stylish appearance. The metal sections have a natural brass finish and each glass globe is  surrounded by a leather strap at its thinnest section.

Clever Accent Lighting

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The Tweet T. pendant lamp is a light fixture disguised as a birdcage. One could argue that accent lighting is a small detail and its primary function is decorative. Either way, the symbolic design attracts attention while serving a purpose. 

There are two versions of this light fixture. The birds are made of ceramic and in one case painted black and in the other, plated with 24-carat gold. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Type Of Lighting Is Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting is used to focus on a targeted area or a specific object. The lighting style is popular in art galleries and museums. Households use accent lights on stairwells and in other places that need light.  

Can Accent Lighting Make You Look Skinny?

Lighting experts and photographers agree that if you want to make someone look thinner, short lighting is the answer. Direct light that shines from above will make a person look heavier.  

How Does Accent Lighting Affect Your Mood?

Lighting makes people feel warmer and heightens emotions. However, bright light impacts positive and negative emotions, so you’ll never know how a person will react.

Does Accent Lighting Attract Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are attracted to light, however, there are certain colors bugs don’t like. Many homeowners have discovered that yellow bulbs do not attract mosquitoes. Yellow light is not as visible and because mosquitoes need light to find food, the light source holds less appeal than others. 

How Long Can You Leave Accent Lights On?

You don’t have to turn LED lights off. The accent lighting can run continuously for 35,000 to 50,000 hours straight, which adds up to six years of continuous light.

Accent Lighting Conclusion

Accents lights are a practical solution for when you need an ambient light source. Task lighting is more specific than accent lighting as it targets a particular area so you can complete a job, for example. 

The thing with accent fixtures is how they help improve home decor. If you want to illuminate architectural details but don’t want to shine light right at them, accent lighting offers a subtle solution.