Apartment Amenities Lists And Definitions

Apartment amenities in life are a priority for those living in an apartment. Amenities are what make us human, living our lives finding new ways to make our lives more convenient, comfortable, or enjoyable. They are the luxuries of life, so to speak.

apartment amenities

But when it comes to amenities in apartments, most people don’t really know what classifies as an amenity and what doesn’t. That’s why we’ve outlined it all for you so you can best choose your next apartment. 

Learning About Apartment Amenities

Learning about apartment amenities is important if you plan on buying or renting a home in the future. They are even more important if you already have an apartment and want to know if your apartment is worth it.

When shopping for apartments finding the right amenities for you can make a huge difference. Finding as many apartment amenities as you can isn’t ideal because you might overpay for one that you won’t even use.

What Are Apartment Amenities For Owners?

To find out what apartment amenities are in homes and other buildings, it’s best to start with the amenities definition. According to Merriam-Webster, an amenity is, “something that helps to provide comfort, convenience, or enjoyment hotels with modern amenities providing residents with the basic amenities.

Although amenities can be found anywhere in life, the word is most commonly used to describe amenities in apartments or hotels. The two vary slightly but generally have the same goal: to make life better for those staying at the establishment. 

Apartment Amenities in Complexes

Apartment Amenities in Complexes

Apartment complex amenities are amenities that are put in place by landlords or apartment owners to make the life of those in the apartment easier. Almost all apartment complexes have some sort of amenity, most likely more. 

It is easy to get apartment amenities and features confused as well. This is a tactic purposely used by owners to try to get you to pay more for what they have to offer even if that “amenity” should be a basic right.

Apartment Amenities Examples And Their Benefits

Apartment Amenities Examples And Their Benefits

There are many different types of amenities and each of them has its own benefits. The thing about amenities though is that there are pros and cons for both the investor and the resident. Sometimes they coincide, and sometimes they do not. 

Pool – can increase the apartment monthly costs

A pool is a fairly self-explanatory amenity and the most searched apartment amenity as well. Most apartment pools are inground. Some are outdoor and some are indoor. The nicer the pool is, the nicer the apartment usually is. 

  • Investor – pools for the investor can be really great. They have relatively low yearly costs to keep up with but a large upfront cost that will most definitely be in the $10,000s. However, they can be a great investment because they can draw people in, especially in warm climates. 
  • Resident – pools are a great amenity if you plan on using them. They offer a great escape in the summer and on hot days. However, if you have a problem with public pools, an apartment pool won’t be much cleaner. 

Child Care

Child care usually involves an in-house child sitter or nanny that is offered for free or a small fee along with your rent. You will either pay the nanny directly or pay the landlord extra when you pay rent.

  • Investor – child care is a very small investment for investors so you don’t have to worry about losing money. However, it will bring in more families with small children, so if that’s a problem, don’t offer it.
  • Resident – if you have a family with children then getting an apartment with child care is ideal. They will watch your children in your very own apartment! But if you don’t have kids, beware that there will be kids as your neighbors. 

Laundry Room Amenity

A laundry room is an amenity that usually involves two or more washers and dryers where residents can wash their laundry. It works a lot like a laundry mat but is more private and usually only available to those renting an apartment. 

  • Investor – a laundry room is a good investment. You won’t lose much money if you don’t charge the renters but it can be a good profit if you charge them small amounts. Just know that it could turn renters away if you make them pay when they’ve already paid rent. 
  • Resident – having a laundry room in your apartment complex can be quite useful. However, it can also be a way for investors to save money by making you think you don’t deserve one in your own apartment. 


This can be a parking garage, a parking lot, or something similar. The parking is reserved for those who are renting or living in the apartment alone and not available to the public. This can be prevented by a booth or a fine. 

  • Investor – offering parking that is for renters and buyers only is ideal. There aren’t any cons to this aside from the money you put into it. A good way to make up for it is to offer choice parking spots for an extra fee.
  • Resident – having parking in your apartment that is for you and your neighbors alone is wonderful. The only catch is that more often than not, the best spots will be paid for by the higher-class residents. 


Gardens can be found on rooftops or in the yard of the apartment complex. They usually don’t grow veggies or fruit but do offer a fresh place for residents to go and enjoy nature even if they live in the city.

  • Investor – having a garden is something that a lot of owners and landlords like to have just for their own pleasure. You will have to hire a gardener or have the residents look after the garden themselves. 
  • Resident – a garden is a wonderful amenity that brings life to an apartment complex. But if you are allergic to bees or certain plants, then you may not want to have one in the apartment you will live in.


Housekeeping is another apartment amenity where people are hired by the apartment owners to clean the houses of those who sign up for the housekeeping package. The fee is usually added to the rent.

  • Investor – this is a tough one. Housekeeping is a big expense, so adding it for free isn’t an easy choice. Small charges for housekeeping give residents a choice on whether or not they want the amenity added. 
  • Resident – can anyone say no to housekeeping? Probably not! That’s why sometimes having it as an option instead of as a given amenity is a bad thing. Because you will probably pay that extra monthly payment for it. 

Barbeque Pit

There is rarely a fee for using that barbeque pit if you live in the apartment. The outdoor cookout area can include a grill, a fire pit, and more. It is usually for use of those in the apartment only and often only under supervision. 

  • Investor – a barbeque pit or outdoor area is a wonderful place for people to gather around without intruders or strangers. Hosting weekly or monthly cookouts is a great way to bring families together and attract more renters. 
  • Resident – it can be fun to get together with other residents and even invite your family over. But if you don’t like large crowds and prefer not to associate with neighbors then you probably don’t want an outdoor cooking area. 


A gym is an indoor room with workout equipment that is free to use for those who live in the apartment complex. Sometimes, outsiders can pay to use the gym but this is rare and only for an extra income. 

  • Investor – a gym is a huge draw for some people. In fact, it is one of the only amenities that will make some people choose one apartment over another. It is that big of a deal to those who will use it daily. 
  • Resident – having a gym in your complex that you won’t use isn’t a bad thing. But if you have to pay extra for it and not use it, then you might as well choose somewhere else quieter that is cheaper. 


Playgrounds can be small or large, depending on the budget and size of the area available to use for the playground. It is usually a gated area that is completely cut off from the outside. 

  • Investor – a playground is a small one-time investment with the only long-term costs being repairs. Encourage kids and families to treat the playground with respect, putting playground rules up with or without fines to the parents. 
  • Resident – similar to child care, if you have kids, this is wonderful. If you don’t this can be a nuisance. But if you want kids around and love that atmosphere, then you can still choose an apartment with a playground. 

Online Access

Finding easier and more modern ways to do things really helps draw in the younger crowd. More often than not, online access to payments is a choice and not a necessity though occasionally it is the only option. 

  • Investor – not wi-fi, we will talk about that later. What this refers to is online access to payments and such. This makes it way easier on you because everything will be automatic and you will get notifications when people are late. 
  • Resident – being able to pay your bills and see updates online will make things easier for you if you have a busy lifestyle. It will also help you avoid in-person contact or mailing in your payments.


Internet access comes in many forms. There can be wi-fi available for free to those living in the apartment and there can be private connections that you can install on your own if it isn’t against the rules. 

  • Investor – offering high-speed internet is nearly a necessity. But you do need to charge extra for it as to have enough for everyone, it will be quite pricey. You can offer different packages for different deals.
  • Resident – is there anything bad about having internet? Nope! As long as you don’t have to pay too much extra, it is a good thing. Try finding apartments that allow you to have your own private internet installed. 
Things That Are Not Related To Home Owner Costs

Things That Are Not Apartment Amenities

Things that are not amenities are kind of like basic rights. These things include a working bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink. In the kitchen, they include a stove, fridge, and sink as well. These are the basics. 

These things are considered features and are not amenities because most people consider them necessary to live a normal life. Then there are things that are on the fence like HVAC, dishwashers, and balconies.