Cubicle Decor Ideas To Improve Your Work Environment

Cubicle decor is a reflection of your personality. Your work environment should be comfortable. Get inspired with these modern cubicle designs and add style to your workspace. 

Cubicle Decor

Your office cubicle doesn’t have to resemble a prison cell. If you’re tired of looking at the same boring walls at work, it’s time to decorate your cubicle.

Here, we’ll show you the different ways you can enliven your workspace. We will also give you tips on how to keep your space organized and clutter-free.

When you’re at work you’re focused on working. But there’s something about working in a beautiful, comfortable space that’s both refreshing and important.

How To Organize Your Office Space

Thes cubicle design ideas and tips will add a pleasant look and feel to your cubicle decor or small workspace. 

Remove Clutter

Get rid of unnecessary paperwork and store things like books and catalogs on a shelf or in a rack instead of letting them pile up on your desk. It might be time to move everything online and use cloud storage.

Reduce Accessories

It could also be possible to have too many accessories on your desk. It’s okay to keep a pen or two and sticky notes on the desk but when you start having trouble fitting them all inside the organizer it means you should do some cleaning.

Office Cubicle Decor Ideas For 2022

Cubicle office space design

Why not bring a little of your decor style to your cubicle? It’ll also create a positive energy flow where creativity and productivity abound – that’s a win-win.

Here are 40 great ideas for decorating your cubicle.

Workspace Lamp

Add a lamp to Cubicle Decor

It’s no surprise that lamps reign supreme when it comes to the ambiance factor. Just because your cubicle resides under fluorescent lights doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do the same.

Even when the office overhead lights are on, you can turn on your cubicle lamp and feel an immediate change with its warmer lumens.

Cubicle Shelf Decor

Shelf for your cubicle decor

If you have the space, it doesn’t hurt to forgo the massive binders and reference books for a softer, more aesthetic shelf resident. Wicker, paper, or crocheted balls, for example, add a refreshing curve appeal to a space that’s angular by nature. 

Paint One Item

Gold painted bookends

If you’ve got a few reference books that must be out on your desk at all times, it never hurts to create a charming frame for those books.

This might be the easiest DIY ever. It’ll have a huge impact on your cubicle decor. {found on designlovefest}.

Fresh Flowers

Cubicle decor fresh flowers

While they won’t last forever, fresh blooms add instant beautification to a drab office cubicle. Make it a habit to change them out every week, like grab a fresh bunch every Monday on your way to the office. They look fresh and pretty and also smell great. {found on sugarandcloth}.

Throw Pillow

Throw in a throw pillow

Your sofa isn’t the only place that could use a throw pillow. Especially around 3 pm, when you’ve been sitting at your desk all day, a little extra back support or adjustment is never a bad thing.

Plus, a throw pillow allows you to introduce some fun prints and patterns into an otherwise function-loaded space.

Cubicle Color Scheme

Choose a color scheme for your cubile decor
The Source.

Your cubicle bones are the most neutral of the neutrals, which is as boring as can be if left alone. But, it’s as perfect as can be if you want to incorporate your cubicle decor color scheme. Yellow, white, and gray add a cohesive, personality-filled vibe to this otherwise cookie-cutter cubicle.

DIY Desk Calendar

DIY Desk Calendar

This watercolor calendar is a quick DIY project, but the style benefits will last a long time. Using a small wooden box turned on its side, attach some brass hooks.

Paint watercolor ombre on some cardstock tags, and use vinyl letters and numbers for the date. Not only will you keep on top of your appointments, but you’ll do so in a beautiful way. {found on annabode}.

Framed Art

Framed art for cubicle decor

When you spend more time in your cubicle space than you do in your home, you’re going to need some inspiring, pretty items to gaze upon throughout your day.

Choose a variety of sizes of simple, contemporary frames, and fill them with artwork that you love. This not only hides those connector lines that many cubicles have, but it provides you a visual escape when you need it. {found on empirella}.

Colorful Accessories

Colorful desk accessories

To keep your enthusiasm and energy levels up throughout the day, a colorful accessory or two might be just the boost you need. Take this cobalt blue pen holder, for example. It’s a simple, modern desk decoration that takes up very little cubicle decor space but provides a jolt of décor appeal.


Organized cubicle decor with pegboards

Pegboard organization isn’t just for garage tools – it makes fantastic cubicle decor as well. And it’s as attractive as can be! As cubicles aren’t large-real-estate workspaces, anything that can double as decor and use vertical space.

Framed Photos

Hang some favorite photos

Of course, you could always pin your favorite personal photo to your cubicle wall, but where’s the joy (or the style) in that?

Instead, hang a wire “clothesline” across the top of your workspace (but high enough that it doesn’t cover your computer monitor) and use clothespins to attach your photos.

These are easy to change out whenever you want, or you can keep them around forever to make your cubicle a happy place.{found on homeyohmy}.

Desk Tray

Choose a stylish tray

A tray is useful in helping to keep a desktop organized – there’s something about those boundaries that helps almost everyone contain the clutter. So be organized AND stylish at the same time by choosing a tray for cubicle decor that is as pretty as it is useful.

Daily Decor Items

Everyday office accessories can be turned into art

This idea combines form and function beautifully. Why waste precious cubicle drawer space on items that look inviting as “cubicle art”? Organize those markers and hang them from the wall, right next to the scissors and tape.

Office Supply Storage

DIY apothecary jars for storing clasroom supplies

Pretty much anything on a pedestal is awesome, right? So let’s make your paper clips awesome by putting them up there too! Gather a few pint-sized mason jars and dollar-store candlesticks, glue them together, and voila!

Glammed up office supplies. Spray paint the jar lids for maximum color coordination for your desk decorations, if that makes your heart happy. {found on aroundthekampfire}.

Office Chair

Cute pink cubicle decor

If there’s a color that just brings you joy, or a sport, or a theme of some sort that transports you into a happy place, find a chair in that color or theme and bring it to your workspace. Your cubicle will be transformed because the office chair is a larger visual item than almost anything else in your work environment.

Decorative Tape Trim

Trim with washi tape

Washi tape has so many uses, but the goal is to make things look more personal. Trim out your filing cabinet, the top of your desk, or around upper cubicle cupboards. {found on myowntwistonthings}.

Framed Family Photos

Favorite pictures on your desk

Having a poster or picture that’s visible, multiple times a day relaxes the mind and brings greater satisfaction and happiness during the workday. Just like at home, when you hang artwork that you love, a cubicle benefits from artistic and photographic inspiration.

Mini-Geo Planters

Geometric succulent planter

Succulents are excellent office plants because they can adapt to low light and require little maintenance. Because desk space in a cubicle can come at a premium, these mini-sized pieces pack a lovely visual and homey punch without sacrificing workspace. {found on lovepluscolor}.

Wall Units

Organization bins for cubicle decor

This is an excellent use of vertical space, and it also makes your desk look chic and stay organized. If you aren’t allowed to attach bins to your cubicle walls, consider using the bins in the corner, where they can still be seen and accessed but aren’t in the way.

Cubicle Wallpaper

Cubicle wallpaper decor

It might not be actual wallpaper that you’re hanging — although you could use removable wallpaper. You could staple wrapping paper on the cubicle wall, or pin up drapery or upholstery fabric to achieve the same look. But the result is a customized, personality-filled workspace. {found on homeandfabulous}.

Wooden Pencil Holder

How to make modern desk calendar

If you do the type of work that requires you to use various types of pens and pencils and other writing supplies or if you like having some handy on your desk, you might also enjoy making your custom holder from scratch.

Glam Accessories

How to make modern desk calendar

Granted there’s not a lot of room to work with when you have only a cubicle as your workspace but you can make the most of what you have. Those few decorations and accessories that you do have space with can look as stylish as possible. That brings us to this gilded pencil holder which we think looks rather chic.

Custom Bookends

How to make modern desk calendar

Regular bookends are practical because they fulfill their purpose but they can often lack character. A fun idea can be to make custom ones out of unusual supplies like toys for instance. 

Make DIY bookends that put a smile on your face and give you fun days at work.

Stylish Magazine Rack

How to make modern desk calendar

This copper pipe magazine rack is something that you can add to your home but also your workspace if you enjoy reading magazines or checking out catalogs. This rack can also be used for other things like books or documents.

Small Storage Boxes

How to make modern desk calendar

Using boxes for storage is very practical. You can use these to organize your pantry, keep your garage tidy, or on a smaller scale keep a clean desk. Put all the knick-knacks in a few boxes and decorate them so they don’t make your workspace look ugly. 

Desk Tray

How to make modern desk calendar

This is not a tray but a leather catchall and they’re the same thing except for some aesthetic details. Imagine a pocket, something to put your items in when you arrive at work and then find and take them with you when you leave for the day. It can hold things like your phone, keys, sunglasses, and so on.

Empty Jar Decor

How to make modern desk calendar

It’s no secret that glass jars can be repurposed in all sorts of cool and convenient ways but have you ever thought of using some to make something for your cubicle or your office?

If you simply take a jar and put it on your desk it doesn’t look nice but if you take two or three and attach them to a piece and wood then hang the whole thing up on a wall, it’s a whole different story.

Floating Shelves

How to make modern desk calendar

There may not be enough space in your cubicle for regular shelves but you could probably fit in one or two of these super sleek and slender floating shelves since they don’t stick out as much.

These can give you a little space like a ledge where you can display some favorite photos, a few books, or devices.

Color String Decor

How to make modern desk calendar

Isn’t this string wall hanging piece cute? It’s not meant to have a very specific design. It’s something that can brighten up the space and add some color to it. If you want to make something similar you can even customize it with your favorite colors.

Glass Vase

How to make modern desk calendar

Since you don’t want to take up too much space with this, it would be best to use a small vase or even a glass for this project. Anything that’s made of clear glass would work. The trick is to use etching cream and masking tape to give it a stylish makeover. 

DIY Pencil Holder

How to make modern desk calendar

A cute pencil holder can add cheer and style to your desk so take this opportunity to make something special. Using reclaimed materials is a wonderful idea. A tin can, for example, is ideal for a project like this.

You can paint the interior and decorate the exterior with some leftover wallpaper. It’s a simple project and it doesn’t cost much. Check it out on pillarboxblue for more details.

Farmhouse Memo Board

How to make modern desk calendar

A good way to keep a few things off the desk is by utilizing the space on the walls. This farmhouse-style memo board is not just nice to look at but also practical.

You can include extra accessories in the design like a little storage box or a small chalkboard. There’s a tutorial on birdsparty which explains how you can make this from scratch.

Rainbow Decor

How to make modern desk calendar

There are a lot of cute decor ideas that you can make using simple and accessible materials and resources. For example, you can get a plain cup, jar, or small box and decorate it with washi tape in rainbow colors, turning it into a colorful and eye-catching accessory for your desk.

It’s super simple and you can find all the instructions on thecraftedlife if you want to make something similar.

Daily Organizer

How to make modern desk calendar

Calendars are not the most exciting things to keep on a desk but they can be turned into beautiful decorations. One way in which you can do that is by making your custom calendar and including some of your favorite photos in its design.

Pick a photo for each of the 12 months and use the printable calendar template from themerrythought to get it all done in no time.

Wire Organizer

How to make modern desk calendar

Let your cubicle space inflect your character and personality. Believe it or not, you can make something worthy of hanging in your office out of an industrial shelf.  With this metal grid shelf, you can make an organizer with a Nordic-inspired design, something to keep your notes, favorite pictures, and calendar on.

Check out lovecreatecelebrate for a complete tutorial.

Confetti Wall

How to make modern desk calendar

Who said a cubicle has to be boring? You can enliven your workday experience with interesting cubicle decor. That little section of the wall right behind your desk is what you get to look at all the time when you’re sitting down and working so it makes sense to want to make it look beautiful and cheerful.

You can print the confetti shapes on colored vinyl and then use them to decorate the wall. It’s super easy and all the details can be found on akailochiclife.

Extra Organizer

How to make modern desk calendar

It’s not a metaphor, we’re talking about a hand, more specifically this desk accessory shaped like one. Give it a geometric base that you can make out of wood or clay and make the little hand out of metal wire. Head over to papernstitchblog for more details.

New Desk

How to make modern desk calendar

When decorating a new desk, start with the basics before you can add all the little details and decorations. With cubicles, a small cubicle or big office, is nothing without a proper desk, one that’s comfortable to sit on and that suits the space.

Perhaps you might want to build a stylish wall-mounted desk from scratch. The tutorial from thecraftedlife will come in handy.

Modern Pencil Holder

How to make modern desk calendar

We keep going back to this item because it’s one of the office essentials. Here’s another beautiful design, this time made using a combination of wood and acrylic.

This combination of materials gives it a modern and elegant look and also suits the simple geometric design. You can find the list of supplies needed for this project and instructions at anikasdiylife.

Desk Calendar

How to make modern desk calendar

Two small pieces of wood are enough to make a stylish picture frame for a desk calendar. Also, this design can also work if you want to make a picture frame.

You can do it all in a few easy steps. First, you cut the wood to size if necessary, then you drill the holes for the screws and you glue the two pieces together, you secure them with screws, you sand and stain the wood and after that, you add the finishing touches, in this case, the calendar.

It’s all described in detail on acraftedpassion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Are The Different Types Of Cubicles?

Cubicles are either panel-mounted or freestanding. Most cubicles begin with a panel-mounted concept where the panels serve as the system’s base. A panel-mounted cubicle features a desk, filing cabinet, and other built-in components.

Where Do I Begin My Search For Cubicle Decor?

The first thing you should do is make a list of the things you like. Check Pinterest and Instagram for décor items. The more planning you do, the less of a chance there will be in you missing something crucial.

Cubicle decor design is about implementing a vision. To do that, you’ll need a plan. When shopping, don’t settle for the first price you find. Chances are you can find a better deal somewhere else.

What Do You Put On The Wall Of A Cubicle?

The best way is to keep it simple. You don’t want to make too big of a statement with cubicle décor because your colleagues will think you’re obnoxious. Neutral colors and a small plant would be sufficient at first. You can slowly implement other times into your cubicle.

Can I Put A Rug In My Cubicle?

If you have a chair on wheels, then a rug wouldn’t make sense. Also, a rug will get dirty. If you don’t keep your cubicle rug clean, it would be detrimental to your workspace.  

Does A Decorated Cubicle Increase Workplace Efficiency?

Studies have found that those who work in a decorated cubicle are happier and more productive than those who work in a plain cubicle space.

Cubicle Decor Conclusion

Office cubicle ideas offer opportunities for you to enhance your workspace. By hanging items in your cubicle that reflect your personality, you can turn your workday environment into an inviting space. 

When decorating cubicles, the first objective is to reduce clutter. Wallpaper won’t be necessary to cover your cubicle walls. You want to display items that reflect your character. If your office allows it, try something chic and different. A cubicle with a homey vibe isn’t for everyone, so don’t force it if you don’t like it. Greenery, like succulents, is another great option as plants help purify indoor environments. 

When you change your workspace environment, you’ll find that your demeanor at work will also be impacted. Pick something cool and friendly to display in your cubicle. People will take notice and could be inspired to follow your lead.