Fresh Table Lamps For Your Living And Working Spaces

Table lamps are cool. They serve a purpose by providing light for indoor spaces. Bedrooms, offices, living rooms, you name it, there’s a table lamp somewhere that would be ideal for the space. 

 Table Lamps

There’ no excuse not to use them more in our interior designs and decors so just in case you need a nudge or some inspiration, here’s 100 gorgeous lamps you could bring home.

Table Lamps For All Spaces

A table lamp exists for every space. You might be able to find what you’re looking for at a local store. If not, you’ll find what you want online. It doesn’t matter where you find your lamp, the fun part is searching for it. 

The lesser-known types of table lamps for living room or any room

Here’s some of the lesser-known types you might not have heard of before:

Decorative Table Lamp

Decorative lamps focus on the aesthetic more than the function. They’re designed to look interesting or beautiful and they’re meant to be used as decorations similar to how you’d use a painting to add color and beauty to a room.

Tiffany Table Lamp

Do you know those lamps with multi-colored lampshades made of various pieces of glass and decorated with copper foil? They have a mosaic-inspired look and they’re reminiscent of cathedral windows.

Fiber Optic Table Lamp

These are not so much interior decorations or lighting fixtures as they are toys and just fun things to play with for a while. Fiber optic lamps don’t have light bulbs but instead they feature these thin filaments made of glass or polymers which transmit the light from the base of the lamp all the way to the tips.

Banker’s Lamp

This type of lamp is commonly used in libraries throughout the US and was first introduced in the mid 1900s under the name Emeralite. It’s a table lamp with a brass stand, a green glass shade and a pull-chain switch.

Unique Table Lamp Ideas For All Spaces

Here are the latest table lamp designs that represent the best in style and decor. 

Modern Ambient Table Lamp

Circular lamps with ambient lighting

If you’re looking for something simple and sleek, Le Deun might have the perfect lighting fixture for you. They offer a range of table lamps with circular designs and subtle ambient lighting, available in several sizes and colors. 

Elegant Table Lamp

Classical with a glamorous twist

For those of you that prefer something a little more classical but not lacking creativity, we suggest the range of modern table lamps offered by Heathfield. 

Living Room Lamp


The same company also offers stylish desk lamps with glass bases and metal accents. The colors glow subtly and are accentuated when their light is turned on.

Minimalist Desk Lamp


A set of three desk lamps from Billie. On the far left is the Gil lamp. The center lamp is from Ella, and on the right is Dorsey.

Marble Base Desk Lamp


Line One showcases a solid marble base. An aluminum lamp shade connects a brass rod, creating a delicate look.


The Lightline from Bro’kis is from Lucie Koldova. The designs are simple with an emphasis on material and form.

Forma Table Lamp 


A combination of metal, wood, and linen, the Forma table lamp is ideal for any space. A dark stained walnut wood stem adds to its cool design. The lamp shade is available in linen or burlap. 

Aluminum Desk Lamp


The Giraffa lamp is playfully intelligent and features refined surfaces. An integrated touch switch controls full-range dimming, providing the right light for any task.

Modern Cube Table Lamp


This lamp design by Mark Holmes is a modern take on classic accessories. Its design is simple and structured into three components made of folded sheet aluminum. 

Verical Desk Lamp


Meet Pris, the table lamp inspired by a character from the film “Blade Runner.” You wont’ find this one at your local store, but so what? The lamp can be configured in a variety of different ways for lots of different environments including homes and work spaces. 

Nordic And Italian Style


The Note Design Studio created the Fuse Collection based on two inspiration sources that combined create a marriage between tradition and simplicity.

Graphic Desk Lamp


The OT2 table lamp is simplistic and graphic. The lamp was designed by Marco Capeto for Officine Tamborrino. It has a structure made from a single metal elements that serves as a base, support and lampshade.

Sharp Table Lamp


If you want a table lamp that adds a touch of vintage charm to its surroundings, have a look at Turbaya, a lamp that’s similar to a gramofon. A wall sconce or table lamp and it has a base made of brass or copper pipes. 

Subtle Table Lamp


Ray Power designed a lamp called Air M. It’s part of the Air collection, an experiment that explores the qualities of plywood. The material was shaped into tridimensional objects that has a conical stand and a ribbon-like shade. 

China Table Lamp Style


This design from Con. Tradition is inspired by Chinese lanterns. The lamp has a sleek steel frame and body with an elegant finish.

Slim Table Lamp


Macchia is a table lamp design from Erba Italia. The elegant design is the work of Giorgio Soresso. 

Concrete Table Lamp


People are discovering how concrete can be sued for table lamps. The popular material is appreciated for its elegant roughness and texture. This is the T2 UP lamp. It has a geometric design and can feature gold, silver or copper plating on the inside. 

Wooden Desk Lamp


The Woodspot table lamp offers angled support and makes for a good light source for reading. The resistance piece is the lampshade which has an elongated bottom that touches the surface on which it stands. Both the shade and the support are made of spruce wood. 

Cemento Desk Lamp


The Matt Cemento collection manufactured by In-es.artdesign includes three beautiful models, one of which is Cemento, a table lamp with a concrete shade. It’s supported by a sleek and linear base that forms an L-shape. 

Ribbon Table Lamp


At its core, the design of the Milano Study lamp is extremely simple. The lamp looks like a delicate ribbon made out of wood. Designed in 2014, the lamp is stylish and timeless. 

Glass Table Lamp


The Bowl table lamp designed by Knut Bendik Humlevik has a really charming look in the sense that it looks a bit like a tiny fireplace. The Edison bulb sits in a smoky glass bowl attached to a wood or copper base. The lamp is a part of the DesignJunction collection.

Reading Table Lamp


The adjustable arm makes the Trapeze table lamp a perfect accessory for nightstands, desks and side tables. It can rotate 360 degrees and it comes in two sizes, large and small. At the same time, the LED lampshade offers diffuse, even and pleasant light, ideal for reading. The lamp was designed by Peter Stathis.

Metal Desk Lamp


With a design that’s simple, quirky and playful, the Spun Table Lamp is the creation of Jonah Takagi. The shade is made of aluminum and is supported by a lacquered steel base complemented by a cloth cord.

Cauldron Table Lamp


The Cauldron lamp is not designed to offer abundant light. It’s more of an ambiental accessory. Its name is quite suggestive in the sense that the glass shade looks like a small cauldron. 

Japanese Desk Lamp


The design of the Kasa M table lamp is inspired by the traditional japanese hats. The lamp is characterized by a simple look with clean lines, a conical shade and an overall sleek form. The shade casts light over a circular metal base.

 Terrarium Table Lamp


Studio Score+Solder offers a range of eye-catching lamps and terrariums, all made of glass and with geometric forms. The lamps have solid wooden bases complemented by a glass top shell constructed out of geometric glass pieces that together complete a puzzle. 

Bulb-less Table Lamp


The lamps designed by Studio Cheha have no light bulbs. Their designs are inspired by classical desk and table lamps and have a touch of magic. 

Recycled Lamp


Because every product offered by Talbot + Yoon are handcrafted, this makes every piece unique. A lot of the designs including these table lamps are characterized by simple forms inspired by nature and by a playful and quirky appearance. The Bob collection is made of concrete and recycled glass and the lamps have golden tops.

Retro lamps with cork bottoms


These are the Sulfonation lamps, a series designed by Dechem for Kavalier Glass. The lamps are part of the Laboratory Lights collection. They come in two sizes and they have cork bottoms with copper accents. 

Marble bases and copper accents


The interesting thing about the Liam 1 lamp series is the contrast between the marble bases featured by all the lamps and the metal or glass bodies. Each of the lamps has its own set of special characteristics. 

Solid Marble Desk Lamp


The Alvin table lamp is a quirky little accent piece. Its most notable feature is the solid marble block that basically serves as a base for the lamp. There is no lampshade but only an Edison light bulb. Apart from that, there’s only a small switch. 

Tin Desk Lamp 


Perfect for casual and contemporary spaces, this industrial table lamp is unique in the sense that its shade is made out of a recycled can and its base is cast in concrete. The body that supports the shade is made of copper pipes. You’d need a mould for the concrete base, a can, pipes, cord and some spray paint. It might be fun to customize the design according to your specific needs. {found on etsy}.

Sculptural lamp that defies gravity


Designs such as Balance by Victor Castanera stand out by linking themselves to timeless concepts such as gravity and time. This lamp is actually a tribute to those concepts, featuring a design that’s artistic, harmonious and also a little bit dramatic. 

Wooden Frame Lamp


The thing that distinguishes the Kavo lamp from other table or desk lamps is how easy it is to install and assemble. The lamp comes in flat packaging and it’s composed of six parts connected with four screws. Its design is simple and classical and the lamp is made from high quality materials. 

Geometric Table Lmap


The Wings series designed by Haim Evgi is composed of minimalist table, floor and ceiling lamps with designs inspired by the wings of various different birds. The table and floor lamps feature thin iron bodies that support the shades thus creating the image of a flying object. 

Swivel Shade 


Designed to serve as a lamp for reading or other similar tasks, the Quart lamp features a white marble base and a swiveling shade, these elements being connected by a wooden rod. The design is inspired by classic forms and lines and has a simple but at the same time rich character. 

Uber Minimalims


At the core of this table lamp series was a set of restrictions. The designer, Mario Alessiani, was challenged to create a metal design using only folding laser cutting techniques which also had to be affordable. The Vela table lamp was the result. The bulb is inserted into a tube and an alloy sheet is used to diffuse the light.

Seaweed Desk Lamp


Believe it or not, the main material used in the design of this lamp is seaweed. This is the Marine Light, a table lamp designed by Nir Meiri. It has a strong artistic character and at the same time it borrows elements from classical lamps. 

Crane Desk Lamp


As you might have noticed, the designs of these two lamps are inspired by construction cranes and heavy lifting machines. They are the creation of Magenta Studio and they feature a series of thin steel rods that transmit low voltage electricity from the base of the lamp to the bulb, thus freeing the structure of wires.

Classic Gas Lamps


If these lamps look familiar that’s because they resemble classic gas lamps. The image inspired Patrycja Domanska and Felix Gieselmann to create a new and modern lamp that they called Gus. It has a simple and graphical design featuring a cylindrical base and a cone top. The lamp is available in white or dark blue and with a clear or opaque glass shade.

Cute and quirky lion lamps


Quirky, cute and fun, the Lion Penseur (Thinking Lion) lamp is the creation of Korean designer Lee Jinyoung. The lamps are handmade and their design is meant to first of all follow the guidelines of safety so they can be suitable for spaces used by kids.

Repurposed Desk Lamp


We can think of several things that make this lamp stand out. First of all, it’s made from a repurposed wine-storage vessel. Also it looks pretty practical and versatile. The Dama lamp was designed by Tom Allen for Lucirmas. These lamps are made from recyclable material, particular from 5 litre glass containers (dame jeanne). The bottom of the bottle is cut and attached to a timber base with a plumen lightbulb.

The beauty of bent plywood in the form of a lamp


Plywood is a very common material but it’s rarely used with aesthetic purposes, being mostly appreciated for its functional character. This is not however the case for the Streamlined lamp, a creation of Studio Roex. The idea behind this collection is to highlight the characteristics of plywood and to reveal the beauty of its layers.

Utilitarian lamp with a fun aesthetic


Frank is a table lamp that combines utilitarian and aesthetic characteristics. The body of the lamp is made of metal and wood, two materials that complement each other. The lampshade has a swivel mechanism which allows the user to adjust its tilt and orientation. The lamp was designed by Oliver Hrubiak and is meant to serve as a task or ambient light for spaces such as bedrooms or home offices.

Art deco lamps featuring marble discs


Inspired by the 20th century art deco movement, the Nuovecento collection includes a series of eye-catching LED table lamps designed by Davide Aquini. The lamps are constructed using marble discs attached to triangular metal structures. The lamp offers warm and subtle ambient lighting and it stands out even when turned off thanks to the unique veining on the marble discs.

The lamp without a lampshade


The really odd thing about the Light table lamp would be the fact that it has no lampshade. That’s because its innovative design projects the image of a shade on the wall when turned on. When turned off, the lamp doesn’t really resemble a light fixture but looks more like a simple freestanding beam. This is a creation of Design Studio YOY.

A table lamp that’s an open book


Perfect for reading nooks, the Lumio SF table lamp looks exactly like an open book. The more you open it the brighter the light becomes. The lamp is designed by Max Gunawan and the project become popular through a kickstarter campaign. The battery of the lamp can be charged using the USB port built into the spine. It lasts for 8 hours.

Hat stand lamp that you can dress up


It’s easy to recognize the idea behind the Chapeau lamp. Philippe Starck found the inspiration for this project in the simplicity and elegance of the hat stand and translated that into a new object able to function as an accent light. The really cool thing about it is that the user can use any type of hat as a lampshade thus offering him the freedom to customize the lamp as desired.

Minimalist lamps showcasing the phases of the moon


The inspiration for this minimalist lamp series designed by Nir Meiri came from the moon, more specifically the faces of the moon. The collection includes three lamp types designed for the floor, table and ceiling. The Moon table lamp has a stone disc base and a shade inside of which there are flat LED bulbs positioned so that they evenly spread the light from the center to the edges.

Architectural lamp design inspired by a fortress


The architectural design of the Moresque lamps was meant to capture the defining details of the Alhambra complex which is a fortress located in Andalucia, Spain. The lamps are designed by Alessandro Zambelli and they look like towers with bulbs at the top. The design is both chic and full of meaning.

Stylish lamps with tinted glass shades


The story behind the Nelly lamp is a fun one. The lamp is the creation of a team of young designers who used the traditional glass working techniques from the island of Murano to produce something that’s timeless and versatile. The lamp has a frosted white glass body and a hat-like shade available in several beautiful colors. It was named after a dog because it’s meant to be like a companion, like a little best friend.

Modern lamp designed using traditional techniques


The Say My Name lamp was also designed using traditional glass-making techniques and it its case these were combined with contemporary lines and fluid forms. Each lamp is hand-blown entirely from Venetial glass and the colors displayed by the lampshades are created in the furnaces of Venice.

A wooden sphere on top of a metal cube


This is Cupola, an intriguing table lamp that puts together two contrasting shapes. The base of the lamp is a metal cube and the shade is a sphere made of wood. The contrast resulted between the two forms and materials is a very harmonious and visually pleasing one. Each shade is handcrafted from whole trunks of naturally fallen beech.

Timeless lamps made from old wine bottles


If this table lamp looks simple and familiar that’s because it is. These lamps are crafted using 19th century bottles traditionally used for the storage of wine. The bottles are converted into table lamps and they are combined with modern brass accents for an elegant look. Each lamp is unique, with a character given by the lamp used in its design. {found on original-house}.

Cute lamps for dog and cat lovers


This is not the first time we’re featuring these quirky and playful table lamps. These are the Get Out Dog and Get Out Cat lamps, both available in a variety of different colors. As the names suggests, the lamps are either shaped like dog or like cats so it’s up to you to pick the type of companion that you prefer.

Delicate table lamps with metal tripod bases


Ella is a very delicate and elegant lamp. It has a hand-blown glass shade supported by a steel tripod base. Despite its sleek and delicate forms, the lamp is very strong and sturdy. It has a graphical and sophisticated look and it comes with a shade available in transparent or grey glass. The metal stand can either be black or white.

A unique set of lamps with hand0blown glass shades


Usable either as a table or a floor lamp, Boule is a simple-looking accent piece designed by Sebastian Herkner. It comes in several different combinations of colors mostly based on neutral shades or white and gray. The base can either be black or white and it made of porcelain while the shade is made of hand-blown glass.

Large balloon-inspired table lamps


The overall simplicity of the Balloons is what makes these table lamps so interesting in the first place. They’re pretty big and that’s one detail that makes them stand out. Furthermore, their design is one defined by smooth lines, delicate forms and strong contrasts.

Compact lamp reminiscent of a penguin


Meet Bounce, a playful little table lamp that looks a bit like a penguin. It’s the compact version of the original lamp designed by Karl Zahn. It has a compact base and a shade made of folded aluminum that’s white on one side and decorated with a wood veneer finish on the other.

Minimalist table lamp with an intriguing look


You know that feeling when it’s as if someone’s watching you? It gets more vivid when you have an Atlas lamp. The lamp was named after the Titan that keeps the world on his shoulders. It has an elegant geometric design and it looks as if it’s hiding a deeper meaning, almost as if it’s a metaphor for a mysterious concept.

An unexpectedly symmetrical lamp design


The symmetrical design of the Balloon table lamp is the element that actually grounds it. Everything else about it is meant to give it a funky and playful look. The lamp is designed by giorgia Zanellato for Atipico and it comes in a variety of different colors such as yellow, gray, brown, green, orange or black. It has a wire frame and lampshades made of cotton or linen.

Simple lamp inspired by rock clusters


It doesn’t look like much when you first lay eyes on it but the ZHE lamp is actually more interesting than that once you learn the idea behind its design. The lamp is inspired by a type of wood that’s hard as rock and its shade is hand-welded to look like a cluster of rocks.

Minimalist and graceful lamp that bends


This is a lamp that would be perfect for a desk or for a nightstand if you’re the type that likes to read in bed. Its name is Stream and it has a fluid geometry that allows it to look dramatic while maintaining its minimalism. The lamp has a sleek aluminum body and an LED light source in addition to a flexible four stage dimmer.

A lamp that changes shape and color


If you’re looking to add a touch of color to your interior decor, then you might want to consider a Numen lamp. The different designs you see here are actually one and the same lamp. That’s right, you can shape the lamp however you want. By changing its form you also give it a new character and you introduce a new element to the decor.

Modern lamps with veneer shades and wooden bases


The lamps displayed are part of a collection of lighting accessories that have veneer shades and wooden bases. They also blackened bronze hardware that added a subtle industrial touch to their look. These floor and table lamps are available in walnut, cherry, ash, maple, mahogany and oak. {found on chrislehrecke}.

Table lamp made of a series of stacked discs


You could define the Maija lamp collection using a single word: luminous. The lamp’s design is conceived as a series of stacked discs that encircle the light source. Originally in a nude rose color, the discs are now also available in white.

Elegant and minimalist lamps with pure white shades


These luminous bodies are the Cesta lamps, a series designed to capture the pure and warm beauty of the Mediterranean. The lamps are handcrafted using traditional steam bending techniques. They feature elegant and sleek frames made of cherry wood and a glass shade shaped like an opal. The lamps feature dimmers and they can be displayed on desks, tables or directly on the floor.

A ring-shaped lampshade held by a slender rod


Available in two sizes, the Sin lamp was designed by Antoni Arola and it doesn’t have a shade. Instead, it features a luminous ring attached to a sleek and elegant base. It has a built-in switch that makes the light dimmable. 

Rotating Shade Lamp


The Petite lamp is, as the name suggests, small and cute. It has a shade that can be turned to illuminate at the perfect angle and it’s handmade of birch wood. The design is simple and elegant look and it’s available with four different finishes: natural birch, laminated white or black and walnut veneer.

A birch lamp that you can also use as a sconce


With a design similar to the one of the Petite lamp, the Owalo is available as a wall-mounted sconce or a freestanding table lamp. It’s most commonly used as a reading light in the bedroom and it’s handmade of birch wood.

Curvy lamp with a perforated metal shade


Three materials were combined when creating the Dome table lamp. The lamp features a disc-shaped base made of wood, a metal body available in several different finishes and a glass shade partially covered by a dome-shaped shell made of perforated metal.

Elegant table lamp with a solid hardwood base


This is Stella, an elegant and solid-built table lamp with a sturdy base handcrafted from hardwood discs carefully stacked together to give it its geometric and sculptural form. The shade can either be short or tall and is sold separately.

Brass And Wood Lamp


The Sunrise table lamp is available in two versions with similar designs. The lamps combine solid brass and wood and this gives them a minimalist and elegant look. They have dome-shaped shades that swivel 90 degrees front and back and 180 degrees side to side, offering flexibility and the option to adjust the light for optimal coverage.

Oversized, drop-shaped lamp


We continue our list with a lamp named Drop. As the name suggests, it has a drop-shaped base which is complemented by a simple linen shade. You can choose to customize the lamp with your choice of materials and dimensions so it fits in your decor. 

Ceramic Table Lamp


It comes in five playful and beautiful colors and it has a simple and fresh design. We’re talking about the Eclipse table lamp, a quirky accessory with a lot of energy. It gives the decor a dynamic feel and it also allows the space to feel really cozy and comfortable. 

A quirky table lamp in a bottle


The beauty of the Pulse lamp lies in its simplicity. It has a really chic and casual design. The base is made of transparent glass and looks like a bottle. It’s filled with cord which then runs through a hole pierced into the glass. The lamp uses decorative Edison light bulbs.

Modern table lamp made entirely of hardwood


K Blade is a table lamp made entirely of hardwood. It features Oled technology which allows it to maintain a minimalist and linear design. It’s a graphical lamp with a sculptural form which suits contemporary decors and spaces such as offices or reading lounges.

Matte Lamp Design


Designed for indoor use only, the Mia lamp is the type of quirky accessory that you can expect to see in certain types of modern and contemporary homes. It has a playful design with a structure made of white white ceramic. It has a matte finish on the outside and a polished finish on the interior.

Wooden table lamp that looks like a puppy


Some lamps go beyond the basics of interesting design. A good example is Luminose which is a lamp that looks like a puppy. It’s a wooden table lamp with a flexible design which allows it to be interactive and to become more than just a lamp. It was designed by Ellizabeth Zimmerer and Marton Lente and it’s a lamp that you’ll really enjoy if you’re a dog person.

Rugged lamp made of concrete


This table lamp is from Asia Samimi and Nima Fardi and  called Inside Out. The desire behind its design was to showcase the unique attributes of concrete as a material suitable for more than just large constructions. 

Wood Shutters Lamp


In 2015 Atelier Mazine created a series of lamps called Twig I, II and III. Their designs blur the barrier between natural and artificial. They’re crafted using wood and concrete and their designs are reminiscent of wooden shutters. 

Mushroom Lamp Style


It’s easy to fall in love with the Mush Lamp. That’s because it has a really cute design and it’s shaped like a mushroom. It gives off warm light and it adds a touch or organic beauty to any room you place it in. The base is made of wood and the lampshade is made of ceramic and compressed wood chips. 

A tripod base and a swiveling shade


This is Frank, a lamp designed by Oliver Hrubiak. It has a very distinctive design, featuring a tripod wooden base and a swiveling shade. The materials used by the designer when putting together this quirky lamp include ash wood, powder-coated steel, brass fittings and spun aluminum.

Cool table lamp with an open base


The cool thing about the Scoop lamp is that it occupies very little space on the desk, table or nightstand, depending on where you decide to use it. It does that thanks to its open base which lets you use the table surface twice. This means that in that open space at the center of the lamp’s base you can put a vase, a pencil holder or something else that fits.

A duck-inspired table lamp


In case you have an unusual passion for ducks, there’s a lamp that lets you express it. This is the Mallard Duck table lamp. It was designed by Rachel Kozlowski and it has an easily recognizable base that’s shaped like the body of a duck. The duck’s head is actually the lampshade.

Minimalist lamp featuring a large globe


The Globe table lamp has a design that revisits the basics forms. Its main feature is the lampshade which is a large glass globe that offers soft and diffused light.

Classic Lamp Shade


This lamp looks like it has a classic lampshade. The triangular elements cross each other and form a balanced and asymmetrical structure that contrasts with the cotton shade. {found on Johnlewis}.

Handcrafted Table Lamp


The Oblic lamp appears to have a funny expression. That’s because of the angle and our ability to recognize faces everywhere. 

Unique Table Lamp


Another contrasting combination of materials is featured by the Gren Light lamp. This one puts together wood and porcelain in a sleek design that makes it resemble a tree branch. 

Table Lamp Family


This cute pair of lamps is designed by Asaf Weinbroom who named them simply Wedding. To best capture the meaning behind their designs you should display them together.

Cork Table Lamp


Most modern table lamps have playful and quirky designs and the Picia lamp is no exception. Its name means “tiny” which is a little bit ironic considering the bulky form. 

Wobbly Table Lamp


The lamps are designed by Morten & Jonas. They’re called Wobbelhead and that’s because they have wobbly heads just like bobblehead figurines.

Vintage Table Lamp


There’s something almost magical about the Bottle Lamps designed by Ett La Benn. Their designs are pretty simple: just a vintage filament bulb suspended inside a colored glass shade. The power cord is secured by a leather strap.

Terrarium Table Lamp


A terrarium is an interior decor item bedrooms, office,s or living rooms.the base is a small terrarium with sand, little stones and small plants and on top of that is a paper lampshade. {found on thegreenhead}.

USB Table Lamp

Today’s table lamps come with USB connectors so you can charge your smarphone without the need of an extra power source. Tthe Pulsar Asimmetrica, a ceramic table lamp offers a clean and sleek design, and a phone charger to boot.

Art Deco Table Lamp


The Botti is a lamp and vase combo. I’s a table vase that looks like a vase, with a conical base and several shades that put together look like a bouquet of flowers.

Science Table Lamp


There’s something out there for everyone. For example, the Atomic table lamp has this really abstract and organic design that’s inspired by molecules and atoms. 

Beer Bottle Table Lamp


If your decor is more on the industrial side, then this Brewmaster table lamp could be a nice addition to your home or office. It’s a lamp made from industrial-style black iron pipes and fittings and it uses a repurposed vintage bottle as a lampshade. 

Spectrum Table Lamp


The Spectrum lamp isn’t exactly what you’d use if you wanted some subtle ambient light. It’s designed to illuminate an entire room.

Masculine Table Lamp


There’s no reason to avoid elegant and stylish designs if you want a space to have a masculine vibe. Look instead of accessories such as the Mister table lamp. 

Retro Table Lamp


On the other hand, if you prefer a more feminine and glamorous ambiance, check out the Lola lamp. Designed by CB2 in collaboration with Kravitz Design.

How To Choose A Table Lamp

How To Choose A Table Lamp

There’s a few important questions you should ask yourself before buying a table lamp. Here are the measurements to consider before buying a new lamp:

  • The overall size of the lamp in relation to the table – the lamp shouldn’t be more than 1.5 times taller than the surface it’s sitting on. Also, the shade’s diameter should be smaller than the width of the table so it doesn’t stick out.
  • The lamp’s base and shade – You should also pay attention to the proportions of the lampshade in relation to the base. 
  • The length of the shade and the base – As a general idea, the lampshade length should be somewhere around 65% – 90% of the base length or a third of the lamp’s total height

Table Lamp Bulbs

You want to give special attention to your light bulbs. The wrong bulb would ruin the decor vibe of a table lamp.

What are the different types of light bulbs?

Incandescent vs LED vs CFL Light Bulbs

The easy thing about light bulbs is how they can purchased at a local store. There was a time when incandescent bulbs were our only option. Nowadays they still exist but there’s also other types which have become more popular such as CFLs and LEDs.

CFL means compact fluorescent lamp and together with LEDs they cost more compared to incandescent bulbs. 

Incandescent bulbs produce warmer light which some people prefer and they also work with dimmer switches. Some LED bulbs also work with dimmers but you should always check.

Dimmable Bulbs

Dimmable light bulbs are great if you want to be able to adjust the intensity of the light. For example, you can use them in the bedroom to create a cozy and relaxing mood. Some table lamps come with built-in dimmer switches but these can also be purchased separately.

Common Bulb Shapes

There’s also a distinction to be made between the different shapes light bulbs can have. The three most common ones are:

  • A19 – this is the classic light bulb shape: round at the top with a little nub at the base
  • Spiral – spiral-shaped bulbs, also referred to as twisted bulbs are your classic CFL bulbs which feature a long and thin fluorescent light spun into a coil.
  • Candle – these are small and usually found in accent lamps or decorative electric candles and garlands.

Common Light Bulbs

Common light bulb base sizes

These are the three most common base sizes for light bulbs:

  • E26 – this is by far the most common size for table lamp bulbs. The bulbs measure 26mm in diameter and are considered the standard type.
  • E17 – this is known as an intermediate base and it’s also fairly common on table lamps and desk lamps. 
  • E12 – these are small light bulbs, usually candle bulbs and they’re used predominantly in decorative lamps or night lights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are Old Table Lamps Worth Anything?

Old lamps are more valuable than you think. Even if an old lamp doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed. If you have an old lamp, don’t alter its appearance. Take it to an antique appraiser and let them evaluate it. If you alter the lamp’s original condition, it will lose value.  

Do Cordless Table Lamps Exist?

Cordless lamps come in different sizes, from small night-light models to full-size floor lamps. The majority of cordless lamps are made for tabletops. Their lower wattage and brightness make them ideal for tabletop lighting.

Which Type Of Bulb Is Used In Table Lamps?

Table lamps use halogen bulbs. The bulbs are short tubular or candle halogen bulbs, which are popular pendant or chandelier light bulbs. They’re also used in torchiere lights, along with desk and table lamps. Mini-reflector halogen lamps are good for accent and spot lighting for interior track designs and landscape areas.

Can You Get Battery Operated Table Lamps?

Battery-operated table lamps are becoming more popular in homes and offices. The cordless lamps are available in sizes ranging from one foot to almost three feet. The lamps feature a variety of materials like ceramic, metal, plastic, raisin, solid wood, glass, and crystal.

Table Lamps Conclusion

After such a thorough list, you shouldn’t have any problems a table lamp or desk lamp. Keep an open mind and follow your instincts.