The 10 Best Drafting Table Options For Modern-Day Users

Drafting table designs are common because craftsmen from all trade sectors once used them. Now, they’ve made their way into home furniture for crafting, drawing, and other hobbies.

Best Drafting Table

In the past, drafting tables were handmade. Vintage drafting table designs were carved out of exotic wood, featuring ornamental details and elaborate designs. 

Now, drafting tables come in different sizes, materials and styles.

How To Choose The Best Drafting Table

How to choose the right drafting table for you

Drafting tables serve a variety of purposes and are useful for craft projects and hobbies.


The size of a drafting table is important because you want it to fit in your designated space. Make sure to allow for extra space to adjust the top without other items in the way.

If you have limited space for furniture, consider a portable drafting table. Keep in mind that mobile models are less sturdy, and durable and also offer less support.

If space isn’t an issue, consider a pedestal drafting table. The designs are sturdy and have heavy bases like traditional tables.

The tabletop

The most important element of a drafting table is its top surface. To choose the right type, consider how you’ll be using the table.

Common sizes for drafting table tops include 24″ x 36″, 30″ x 42″, 37.5″ x 48, 37.5″ x 60″ and 37.5″ x 72″ but other sizes are available.

The drawing surface also needs to be big enough to hold the size of paper you typically use. If working with blueprints, make sure they don’t hang off the edge.


You want a drafting table that suits your style and space. You can choose from tables made with metal or wood, or one that features a glass top.

Features and accessories

There are many types of drafting tables, so pick your priorities. For example, you might need one with built-in storage or trays for your tools.

It’s also a good idea to make sure it has something to keep papers and pencils from slipping off the edge.

You might also consider an adjustable height drafting table, especially if you’re considering options for drawing tables.

10 Best Drafting Tables

1. Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk

Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk

The Zeny drafting table features a sturdy metal frame, providing stability for optimal work conditions.
It has powder-coated iron legs and an MDF tabletop, giving it an eclectic and stylish appearance. It is also ideal as a drawing table.

With an adjustable height range from 28” to 35.8”, it allows for personal workstation customization. The angle adjustment range is from flat to 45 degrees.

The table also has a lip that prevents paper from slipping off the bottom. The table also features two large drawers for work supplies and other tools.


  • Buyers say it is easy to assemble
  • The combination of adjustable height and angle adjustments make it easy to position comfortably.
  • Reviewers say that it is a good desk for the money.


  • Some received damaged shipments.
  • The drawers are cloth and not wood.

2. Height-adjustable Alle desk

Height-adjustable Alle desk

The Alle desk was designed by Staffan Holm. It has a simple and versatile silhouette and strong and durable construction.

The height is easily adjustable for added flexibility and ergonomics. You can use it as a regular desk, a standing desk or a drafting or drawing table.

The solid wood frame is very stylish and well-engineered using quality materials. There are also hidden compartments for storage and cable management, which keeps the workspace clutter-free.


  • The desk is easily height adjustable.
  • It’s a super stylish design designed to last.
  • The cord management area has a spot for a power strip.


  • High price point.
  • The tabletop is flat and you cannot adjust the angle.

3. OneSpace Craft Station

OneSpace Craft Station

The OneSpace drafting table is a blend of looks and functionality. The drawing table has a sturdy frame made with heavy-duty steel.

An elegant silver finish gives the metal a refined style and the glass top is a nice yet unexpected element.

The desk has four casters (two with a locking mechanism) which allows for easy moving. It’s a heavier model with a slender-looking design.

The desktop supports a maximum weight of 130 pounds (59 kg), so don’t let the glass fool you. Angle adjustments are easy to make.

It has removable trays for storage and other needs. There’s also a set of two slide-out drawers, providing additional storage.


  • Perfect as a craft station.
  • Glass is sturdy and thicker than some buyers expected.
  • Assembly is simple.


  • Some buyers found it to be unstable and did not like the positioning of the drawers,

4. Folding Modern Glass Top Adjustable Drafting Table

Folding Modern Glass Top Adjustable Drafting Table

This drafting table is very similar to the OneSpace model but lacks storage drawers. Its overall dimensions are 40.75” width x 23.75” depth and 30.5” height. The height is fixed and can’t be adjusted, but the tabletop angle can be.

However, the real standout is the folding frame, giving you the option to fold the table and store it away. 

With this model, you can enjoy a 35.25” wide and 23.75” deep work surface of tempered glass.

Two options are also available: a maple top and a white base or white top and a black base. The blue glass model features a silver-finished base.

The heavy-gauge steel frame is durable and strong.  It also has storage options for art supplies.


  • Buyers love the look of the blue tempered safety glass.
  • It’s foldable for storage.


  • The height cannot be adjusted.
  • Some reviewers found assembly difficult.

5. Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

If you’re searching for an option that looks like a vintage drafting table, this model with a rustic oak finish is a great choice.

With an old-school design, it can accommodate multiple projects of different types. The dimensions of this drafting table are 42” width x 30” depth x 36” height.

The table’s height is fixed and can’t be adjusted. However, using an adjustable height chair is an easy workaround. On the other hand, this makes it unsuitable for use as a standing desk.

The unique feature of this solid wood frame is that you can adjust the tabletop angle from flat to 90 degrees. This angle is not common in other models.

The top does not have any attachments, storage trays, or other elements. It does have a built-in pencil groove with a 24” ledge.


  • Reviewers say this table is sturdy and has great quality — and a great antique finished surface.
  • Assembly is reported to be straightforward.


  • Height cannot be adjusted.
  • Some buyers find the table wobbly.

6. Height Adjustable Drawing and Drafting Table

Height Adjustable Drawing and Drafting Table

Drafting tables are versatile enough also to be used as drawing tables as well as conventional desks.

This particular model is even more versatile than a desk because it is height-adjustable too. In addition, it has a built-in pencil tray and paper stopper.

You can also use the table as a standing desk. The desktop can be adjusted to an angle or left flat. Oversized thumbscrews embedded into the powder-coated steel frame let you change the height as well as the angle.

The table features ample workspace, making it convenient for large documents. Reviewers say it’s an amazing table for the price.


  • Buyers rave about the sturdiness and easy adjustment.
  • Both height and angle are adjustable.


  • Some buyers found it difficult to adjust the height.

7. Southern Enterprises Knightley Tilt Top Drafting Table

Southern Enterprises Knightley Tilt Top Drafting Table

Antique brass accents bring out the industrial character of this drafting table. The weathered oak tabletop has a rustic look that complements the metal frame and accents in an antique brass finish.

The tabletop tilts from flat up to a 30-degree angle, which isn’t much compared to some other models. However, the change in angle is enough to let you convert this from a regular drawing table into a drafting table.

Also, this drafting table features a full-length built-in pencil groove.

Anti-slip hinges will keep it at the proper angle, creating the perfect working conditions every time.

The table is 51.5” wide and 32.75” deep.


  • The top edge lifts easily for tilting.
  • Buyers say this makes a great workspace because of the simple design.
  • The work surface is large and has a ridge to keep items from slipping off.


  • Some found assembly difficult.
  • A few reviewers noted issues over the color or antique finished surface.

8. Drafting Table Wood Surface Craft Station

Drafting Table Wood Surface Craft Station

This model is a versatile drafting table that also functions as a regular desk. It has a modern and sleek design.

The table top measures 47” in length and 24” in width, which makes it ideal for various tasks and suitable for both children and adults.

The top is made from particle wood and has a smooth and glossy finish.

A heavy-gauge steel frame allows the slim frame to be sturdy and durable as well. The angle is adjustable.

The table’s height can be adjusted according to personal preference, offering five different levels.

A small groove at the bottom with a pencil ledge and lip prevents draft paper and other materials from sliding off the desk when it’s tilted. You can remove this feature when using the table as a regular office desk. 


  • This is an excellent, compact table at a bargain price.
  • Buyers say this is great for many uses including puzzles, crafting and more.
  • Assembly is fast and easy for this simple table.


  • A few reviewers say the table top surface is grooved and raised to look like woodgrain, which interferes with drafting.
  • Some report issues with the misalignment of screw holes.

9. STUDIO DESIGNS Graphix II Workstation

STUDIO DESIGNS Graphix II Workstation

The Graphix II Workstation from Studio Designs is a contemporary and minimalist piece of furniture. The drafting table has a clean design that adjusts both in height and table top angle.

The overall dimensions of the table are 53.5” width and 30” depth, with a range between 30” and 39” for the height.

The white-painted heavy gauge steel frame has a lightweight look that’s still strong and durable. It also has floor levelers to ensure an even, steady surface.

One of the best features is the dual top surface that allows you to have a 42″ wide x 30″ deep angled top and an 11. 5″ wide x 30″ deep flat top at the sample time. This gives it extra function and convenience for multiple projects.

With 93 percent four- and five-star reviews buyers find this a great table.


  • A dual top surface creates space for a wide selection of project types.
  • Buyers love the quality of this drafting table.
  • It comes with a “limited” 10-year warranty.


  • Some found assembly challenging.
  • The ledge at the bottom is not removable.

10. Yaheetech Drawing Drafting Table

Yaheetech Drawing Drafting Table

The Yaheetech drafting table prides itself on its versatile features.

First, the table’s dimensions are good for any room. Instead of a single large desktop surface for work and storage, it has two separate sections.

The main work surface measures 50.4” in length by 23.6” in width. The table top tilts and adjusts from 0 to 60 degrees. The secondary section is lower, serving as a side table.

A built-in pencil ledge prevents papers from sliding off the main desk. You can also remove it to use the table as a writing desk.

The auxiliary table on the right side of the desk features three storage drawers to keep material organized and handy.


  • Buyers love the two tabletop set-up and the versatility of the drawing table for other types of projects.
  • This is one of the few drafting tables to offer so many features at a lower price.
  • Assembly is pretty easy according to reviewers.


  • Some report difficulty lowering the table top back down.
  • The cloth drawers are not popular with some buyers.

Modern Premier Metal Tray for Art/Craft Table

Modern Premier Metal Tray for Art/Craft Table

If you have a drafting table that you like and want to keep, you can buy additional attachments to make it even more functional. This metal tray, for example, fits most tables made by Studio Designs and other manufacturers.

The main requirement is for the top to measure between 5/8” and 3/4” thick. In any case, it’s a good way to add some well-needed extras to basic drafting tables.

The overall dimensions of the tray are 35.5” W x 6.5” D x 4” H. It includes two wire mesh swivel cups and a flexible foam organizer for pencils and markers, with holes in 10mm and 15mm.

It’s a convenient addition to keep your drafting table organized and your work space clutter-free.


  • It fits many brands and styles of drafting tables.
  • Buyers say it’s super functional and sturdy.
  • This attachment helps organization and creates a clutter-free workspace.


  • It does not fit every model of drafting table.
  • Some buyers had difficulty using it for glass-topped drafting tables.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Why have drafting tables become more popular?

People are discovering that drafting tables aren’t just for architects and fashion designers. Artists, illustrators, and crafters of all kinds who need a convenient workspace and place for tools find them invaluable.

Why is the work surface of a drafting table tilted?

With different angles, a drafting table helps you visualize your project better than just on a flat surface table. An angled surface creates space for drafting that also makes it easier to work on other projects or use it as a drawing table.

Is a drafting table worth it?

Drafting tables are designed to make working on a project easier by improving your posture. To work at a flat table top, you have to hunch over to see what you’re doing. With the angled surface that drafting tables provide, it’s easier to get a front-facing view.

How difficult is it to set up a drafting table?

Drafting tables are easy to assemble. With larger models all you typically need is a screwdriver and perhaps a wrench.

How much space in my home do I need for a drafting table?

A drafting table can fit in just about any corner of your home or office. Despite common misconceptions, they do not require a lot of extra room and can be a good home improvement when it comes to your work or hobbies. 

How would a drafting table make my life better?

You never know what you or a family member might create if you had access to a drafting table at home.

Drafting Table: Conclusion

Drafting tables might make you think of educational furniture but they have so many features that are great for home use too. Their adjustable positions and different features make a difference in your mental and physical health while making projects easier and more enjoyable

With a drafting table at your home or office, you can have style, added function and all the tools you need at your fingertips.