The Best Online Office Furniture Stores to Bookmark Now

Are you scouting for the best office furniture stores online? Investing in the right office furniture boosts productivity.

Best office furniture stores

If you’re working from home, it’s best to have a dedicated workstation. The surge of furniture brands in the market makes it challenging to find a suitable ergonomic chair or desk.

This guide gives you a breakdown of the best stores where you can purchase contemporary office furniture for your business or home office.

Checklist for Purchasing the Right Office Furniture

We took the time to create a list of the best stores that sell modish and reliable office furniture. Some stores on this list also deal in used office furniture.

Free space planning

Best office furniture stores

Taking measurements of your office before purchasing helps avoid feeling hemmed in by your surroundings, so consider your space needs when buying furniture. If you want more guest seating, make sure there’s room for chairs and people.

Ensure there’s enough space for drawers, cabinets, and other storage furniture. Sketch the office’s perimeter, and measure each wall clockwise from one corner. You also want to verify the wall dimensions by measuring the entire area.


Best office furniture stores

The design, material, and shipping options dictate the final price of an item. Spending within your means doesn’t mean you should buy the cheapest furniture. It won’t last.

Most cheap office furniture is made of low-quality material, while reliable, long-lasting ones cost more. Creating a budget prevents overspending or delayed payments. On top of that, high-quality office furniture isn’t always expensive.

Ergonomics and quality

Best office furniture stores

The right furnishings will unify the architectural design of your working area and let you work longer hours without experiencing too much fatigue. Ergonomic chairs enhance comfort, but those with the newest features are a bit pricey.

You need to check the furniture’s components and overall quality before buying. Wooden office chairs and desks are the easiest to maintain and clean.

The Best Office Furniture Stores



Fully is an innovative brand that sells premium quality office furniture. Fully was acquired by Knoll, a large furniture company with a credible product line of workspace equipment.

It’s the go-to site anytime you want to search for ergonomic and sturdy office furniture. Their website has award-winning desks, both regular and standing. You’ll also find affordable ergonomic seats.

Standing mats and balance boards are available for those who prefer to stand while working. On their site, you can browse a wide range of size options. They have dependable warranty terms, reliable customer service, and stable standing desks on the market.



Wayfair owns AllModern, a store with a huge selection of office furniture like task chairs, desks, storage cabinets, etc. They also have home office accessories that come in different style options. AllModern sells several L-shaped desk designs which are ideal for blind people.

Allmodern doesn’t have a physical warehouse, like their primary company, so they source their products from different locations worldwide. Customers seem to leave positive reviews, and the brand offers free shipping on select home office furniture.



Anthropologie is home to modern office furniture designs, whether you’re looking for a height-adjustable desk or a chair with advanced ergonomic seating features. If you dread shopping for furniture online, there’s an option to purchase from the nearest Anthropologie showroom.

Their curated collection of office space accessories is contemporary and suits any workplace. They also have a wide selection of functional desks for cubicles. The pricing is modest, and you can save a few dollars by earning a discount from their sale and clearance items.

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach is a high-end mid-century and minimalistic design company specializing in workplace furniture. Rob Forbes established the company in 1998 while residing in London.

They concentrate on acquiring sustainable wood and certified items from well-known modern furniture designers. DWR receives positive comments from clients. However, some budget-conscious shoppers have expressed a desire for lower price tags.

Regardless, cash-strapped shoppers searching for the right desk chair or furniture for their workspace should consider this site. Most office furniture items have a solid wood construction. However, fiberboard and plywood are also used on some models.

All of their office furniture is made to last and withstand everyday use. Compared to other luxury furniture merchants, the business uses high-quality manufacturing processes and sells its inventory at moderate price points.

Branch Furniture

Branch Furniture

Branch is known for making high-quality office furniture and accessories. You can shop their $299 ergonomic chair if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to improve posture while working from home or in the office.

The chair’s removable lumbar rest is easy to adjust, helps sit up straight, enhances comfort, and its seven adjustment points make finding the perfect fit effortless. Their ergonomic information page has solutions on using and adapting their products to improve your health and productivity.

Branch uses recycled materials and donates a portion of its profits to charity. The furniture brand helps businesses relocate or restructure without spending much. Their product lines appeal to businesses and individuals who value efficiency and are on a budget.

Container Store

Container Store

If you’re looking for functional, attractive office furniture, this brand has a wide array of styles to shop from. Most of their furniture comes with a guide for all the configurations, and the installation process isn’t cumbersome for beginners.

Besides their website, they have a showroom that you can visit to shop for office supplies or storage furniture for your office. The Container Store sells each item at a competitive retail price, and its support team is dedicated to helping its customers with the assembly criteria.

Office Depot

Office Depot

As the name suggests, this is an online office furniture store with many modern designs for a workplace. Office Depot, a renowned global provider of workplace products and solutions, was created after the merging with OfficeMax.

Through its different warehouse locations, Office Depot is increasing its omnichannel ability in response to surging orders. There’s a drop-down menu on their official site that lets you search categories and sub-subcategories of furniture for home offices.

You’ll also find product descriptions, assembly briefs, and dimensions often shown in graphical format. It’s easy to contact their team if you need after-sales support.



Overstock is among the most reliable companies that sell office furniture. The website offers newer designs of office equipment for companies with work cubicles or individuals who want functional home office desks and chairs.

Their office chairs, for instance, let you adjust to various seating positions. The feature helps reduce strain while working. With thousands of exclusive deals, it’s hard to find their products anywhere else. Overstock’s app has features that offer handy solutions when revamping your work environment.

It gives users access to high-quality 3-D models, product recommendations, and notable search options. The website features many affordable styles that require minimal installation. However, you want to read reviews and a few consumer comments to make the best decision.

West Elm

West Elm

West Elm office furniture sets are perfect for midcentury modernists. The store sells sofas and tables but also lists office chairs, desks, and accessories of different styles. All these products come at attractive price points.

You can browse mid-century modern, industrial, and contemporary collections. There is also a range of medium-sized furniture for shoppers that are conscious of free space planning. If you’re looking to add aesthetics to make your office space look complete, West Elm’s wide selection of quality office accessories is all you need.



Houzz isn’t just a traditional furniture and home goods store. This platform has a wide range of ideas for designing a modern home office from scratch. On their website, you can browse quality office furniture and decor ideas.

You have access to a team of professionals who can help organize or remodel your workspace. Houzz is a great resource for interior design ideas, modern furniture, and experts that offer installation services. 



Ducky’s is a painless option for ordering office furniture from the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s furniture for cubicles or a standing desk, their prices are reasonable, compared to other stores.

Their catalog comprises diverse office furniture types and workplace solutions to choose from. The company assists businesses in upgrading their workspace without compromising on quality.

Ducky’s is a popular alternative for many people looking for low-cost office furniture because they also sell used office furniture. Their pre-owned furniture section features products and accessories in pristine condition.



Wayfair’s ultimate goal is to ensure shoppers get what they paid for, despite errors or delays. Wayfair offers competitive pricing on office furniture from a range of stores and manufacturers.

You’re more likely to find affordable office desks and chairs that suit your workspace. Shoppers can compare prices online, which is much easier than visiting stores.

Office furniture orders will also be delivered to your door for free. Both ‘seating’ and ‘desk’ categories have responsive filter tools that make the shopping experience a breeze.

Joss & Main

Joss & Main

Apart from office furniture, Joss & Main sells home decor, furniture, and more online. Their product quality is top-notch, and they have the same low prices and specials as Wayfair.

Each order’s quality may vary because not all Joss & Main items are made by the same supplier. However, they’ll return a damaged or broken product for free.



Target sells several items, including office furniture. You can shop office equipment for your business or home office space at budget-friendly price tags. Their items are equally reliable and as appealing as high-end ones.

The company sells office furniture in its various warehouse locations and online. If you want a particular item, there’s an option on their website to shop by category or product type. 



Apt2 B’s office furniture is versatile. Formed in 2010, the company understands the basics of modern and dependable home office furniture. Their unique office chairs help you focus on your work and are comfy for long workdays.

They come in classic and modern styles to complement any décor trend. Their minimalist designs range from mid-century to modern/contemporary, built on solid wood frames and reused materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is office furniture made of?

Most contemporary furniture brands use wood veneers, MFC, laminates, glass, or high-density polyurethane. Steel and aluminum are used in many corporate office furniture designs. However, wood veneer is more eco-friendly than actual hardwoods.

Heavy, durable furniture is often made of steel. Offices that move furniture often should consider aluminum types. You also want to pick a desk made of material that won’t cause injuries to blind people and is large enough to fit screen readers.

Should I avoid used office furniture?

Before purchasing pre-owned furniture, you want to know if the item has been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or needs repairs.

The price tag may not reflect the item’s condition, and repairs may be expensive. Be sure to buy sturdy used furniture made of durable materials. You also want to check if the chair and desk legs can be fixed if damaged.

Should I buy office furniture online?

Online price comparisons are quicker and easier than in-store shopping. Browsing different websites providing the same goods make it convenient to choose the right office furniture at the best price. 

Some companies that sell furniture online offer free shipping and have practical return policies. As a buyer, it’s best to check customer reviews and BBB ratings before buying office furniture online.

How long should office furniture last?

Most manufacturers’ warranties last between three and ten years, depending on the office product. Used office furniture to last long if it’s made of sturdy materials.

You might need to replace office chairs when the cover or fabric begins to fray. Desks tend to outlast office chairs, but they’ll wear out over time.

Office Furniture: Conclusion

Having the right desk chair not only makes a statement but reduces fatigue. Not all office furniture is meant to last. For this reason, you need to check out the material used and warranty conditions from the manufacturer.

Your budget is also a practical consideration for buying durable and eye-pleasing furniture. However, that’s not to imply that affordable models don’t last long. Keep tabs on your preferences while shopping around for the furniture for your home office.